DFW says UFC 112 amends still coming

by John Morgan | source: mmajunkie.com

Following April's UFC 112 event in Abu Dhabi, UFC president Dana White made little attempt to hide his displeasure with his middleweight champion, Anderson Silva. After Silva first taunted, then avoided, challenger Demian Maia, White called the fight an "embarrassment," and promised to "make it up" to the fans.

"I'll get on my Twitter every once in a while and people will be like, 'Hey, when are you making it up to us?'" White told MMAjunkie.com "Give me some f------ time. I will. I've got to find the right time and the right opportunity."

"Maybe it is taking a fight and putting it on free TV."

"Everybody wanted to see, for instance, Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen on free TV because Anderson Silva did that, He makes way too much money to put on free TV. You can't do it. You'd get murdered."

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Recent Comments »

Fugazi site profile image  

5/9/10 9:49 PM by Fugazi

Can't wat to see what Dana's idea of "making it up to the fans" will be considering his previous "big announcements".IOW, i'm not holding my breath.

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

5/9/10 9:44 PM by soldierdad5417

 Of course I give all the credit for the actual fight in the cage to the fighters. Once again, Thanks to Dana and whoever else puts together all the entertaining, top level matchups. jmacdoug, that's not  nice. The metally impaired have just as much right to be on here as me and you.

jmacdoug site profile image  

5/7/10 11:25 PM by jmacdoug

cre: get off the fucking computer

MisterDerp site profile image  

5/7/10 11:03 PM by MisterDerp

This is the best post I have seen this weekend.

32Hunter site profile image  

5/7/10 10:38 PM by 32Hunter

 make it up to us by signing Fedor, at whatever the cost.

The Swinging Richard site profile image  

5/7/10 10:32 PM by The Swinging Richard

Thank you and VTFU.

Cretard site profile image  

5/7/10 8:34 PM by Cretard

I said it was the most impressive display of fighting ability that I have ever seen, doesn't mean it was the most impressive display of effectively applying himself to the fight. Dana was very correct, it was similar to when Michael Jordan used to shoot free throws with his eyes closed, that's what that stop on a dime flying knee represented, a clear level above everyone in the sport. From a pure ability standpoint we clearly saw the most capable and talented fighter in the sport right now, but it was a waste, a total fucking waste and also a travesty, because he had to mock Maia, let alone fight him in the first place. Now that the story has played out, his actions look even worse retrospectively, as he urged Maia to come forth, when Maia did with powerful strikes, Silva proceeded to cower and literally run. Does this show signs of being a frontrunner? Absolutely. Do we need to dig deeper into that possibility? Of course, enter Chael Sonnen, a man I have hyped for the last 2 plus years much to my own personal agony as the UG refused to let me expose them to one of the true greats. Now that Sonnen is here, it's as if everyone was a fan from the beginning and not one of those insulting me for being excited about meeting him, just like Ed Soares you all called me a "fucking fanboy" Now who is the fucking fanboy? The ones desperate to defend Dana and team Soares? Or the ones who demand more or at the very least what was PROMISED.  

ajjr0ller site profile image  

5/7/10 8:29 PM by ajjr0ller

Also Cre, I believe the night of 112 and the following week you were one of the people going around saying how Anderson is a world beater and did nothing wrong. So which is it? Did he screw up the event, or did he do nothing wrong?

D_S_A site profile image  

5/7/10 8:27 PM by D_S_A

will this be before or after he base jumps?


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