GSP and winner of Koscheck vs Daley to coach TUF

by Damon Martin | source:

t will be a welterweight showdown during the 12th season of the "Ultimate Fighter" as champion Georges St. Pierre will take the reigns as coach for the first time ever and he will compete against the winner of Saturday night's fight between Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley.

The announcement was made on Friday by UFC president Dana White.

The popular Canadian fighter will head out to Las Vegas in the next few weeks to begin coaching the next cast of UFC hopefuls. Assured to be by St. Pierre's side are his head coach from Montreal, Firas Zahabi, and strength and conditioning coach Jonathan Chaimburg.

The other coaching vacancy will be filled on Saturday night when Josh Koscheck battles Paul Daley, and the win will not only mean a job coaching on the "Ultimate Fighter" but a shot at St. Pierre's title when the season is over.

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Recent Comments »

Fugazi site profile image  

5/8/10 10:19 AM by Fugazi

Or his fans that want to see him fight before Thanksgiving.

GtheMVP site profile image  

5/8/10 4:32 AM by GtheMVP

GSP will bring maximum exposure to everyone involed, great way to build stars and hype for a title fight. Daley or Kos would like the time to prepare anyways, works for everyone, save perhaps GSP.

mma ceo site profile image  

5/8/10 1:47 AM by mma ceo

 I find it strange that Dana picked Daley as a coach. All of the coaches so far on tuf are known as guys who train hard, and have that never quit attitude.  Paul Daley quit MMA in 2008 for no reason then changed his mind and came back to fighting.

NailedtotheSky site profile image  

5/8/10 12:47 AM by NailedtotheSky

Why do we have to side line good fighters to unnecessarily coach a freaking reality show? I'd prefer them to just do the fights and not waste anymore time of out fighter's careers in their prime.

Fugazi site profile image  

5/8/10 12:43 AM by Fugazi

Logic means only getting one maybe two meaningful fights each card now?Sounds like guys like blue have drank the kool-aid.Why not have a stacked card with GSP AND SIlva or Brock or Couture etc?Didn't we just get BJ and Silva defending on the same card? Fuck your so-called logic and start expecting more from a president that supposedly "owes" us. Well, stacking a card that would have inclusded GSP along with the already scheduled fights would have gone a long way to make it up to us.Instead, we wait until FUCKING DECEMBER for GSP again. Enjoy another dull season of TUF and the accompanying kool-aid, smart guys.

grafzep site profile image  

5/7/10 10:45 PM by grafzep

Good idea.Would love to see Fitch v. Sheilds to decide next fight.

bismanfightclub site profile image  

5/7/10 9:02 PM by bismanfightclub

Take that back!

FSMA site profile image  

5/7/10 8:59 PM by FSMA

I'm sure whoever the coaches are it will be yet another outstanding season filled to the brim with intelligent mature individuals.

Bluegrass site profile image  

5/7/10 8:53 PM by Bluegrass

 Between TUF and a possible injury, GSP might not fight until 2011!!!    WTF!?!?!?

ItalianRottie site profile image  

5/7/10 8:47 PM by ItalianRottie

 kimbo and brock


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