Sonnen reveals what Filho whispered to him

source: Did you consider becoming a professional wrestler?

Chael Sonnen: “Yeah, when I was in college, I didn’t graduate college until 2001, I became an All-American in 1998 and right after that I went out to the WCW, what they had at that time was called a Power Plant and there was a try out, it was an extremely difficult tryout, it was three days and boy it was hard, only two of us made it, me and a gentleman from Jamaica. And we got invited to comeback and I said, “Well, look, I’m going to go finish college,” and they said, “Well, you only have to do tryout, once you get invited the invite’s good for life essentially.’ So, I was going to return after I graduated in 2001, well by then they had shut down, the WCW had folded up and no longer was in existence.” After that failed, did you consider WWE or was MMA the thing you focused on?

Chael Sonnen“Well, you know, I always wanted to do MMA. I was going to do MMA, you know even if I was going to a wrestling route, I was going to do MMA.”

“I was 20 years old and wrestling seemed like a fun thing to do but I didn’t get any more serious about wrestling than just going to a 3-day tryout. That’s where my career started and stopped.” Is your conversational style during interviews influenced at all by watching pro-wrestling?

Chael Sonnen: “Yeah, I did watch pro-wrestling growing up, I’ve heard that about myself but I don’t think that I have a pro-wrestling style. You know, pro wrestling, you don’t have to touch on realms of reality. You can just say whatever you want. I’ve never done an interview where I didn’t just answer questions in an honest fashion, I’ve never created anything. So, every now and then I hear that about myself, ‘Ah, you sound like a pro-wrestler,’ and I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult, I never know how to take it.” What was it like to be in that strange fight against Paulo Filho?

Chael Sonnen: “Yeah, you know it was a different deal, for sure. I mean I got it. As soon as he started doing it, I understood what was going on. I understood, ‘oh, okay, he’s checking out and this is his way of doing it.’ He had asked me at one point in the fight to go to the ground with him and I said ‘No, I can’t do that’ and he said, “no, no submission attempts, just rest, come to the ground, let’s rest’ and I just said again, ‘I can’t’ and just went back to fighting.”

“The company, Zuffa, was very unpleased with it. And I got it, I’m like, yeah that was a weird match but man I did my part, I don’t know what to do, it takes two to tango, there’s only one of us out there.”

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Steve4192 site profile image  

5/10/10 10:24 AM by Steve4192

 I dunno about that. Rashad's biggest strength at LHW is his quickness, and that will be negated somewhat when fighting smaller men.  Plus, as good as Rashad's wrestling is, it is nowhere near the level that Sonnen's is at. 

Jabsent site profile image  

5/10/10 10:17 AM by Jabsent

haha can't blame him for tryin'

AnthonyBrancato site profile image  

5/10/10 10:06 AM by AnthonyBrancato

Speaking of Chael Sonnen, he better hope Rashad beats Rampage; otherwise, Rashad is liable to move down to 185, and any Evans-Sonnen fight would be most unpleasant, from Chael's perspective.

TUFF-N-UFF site profile image  

5/10/10 10:03 AM by TUFF-N-UFF


icelogo site profile image  

5/10/10 9:51 AM by icelogo

"Relax guy, take a rest!" - Saddam

BuddyRevell site profile image  

5/10/10 9:50 AM by BuddyRevell

"C'mon, baby, just the tip!" was coming next.

blushgirl412 site profile image  

5/10/10 9:10 AM by blushgirl412

Come let us rest!

GMan99 site profile image  

5/10/10 9:07 AM by GMan99

"Come to the ground, let's rest." Sounds like a line I used to use...

japetto site profile image  

5/10/10 8:29 AM by japetto

Come on top and we make a the rest.

Nackerz site profile image  

5/10/10 8:24 AM by Nackerz

you like you can lie down on my belly and read my tattoos friend