UFC 115 free prelims: Griffin vs Dunham. Danzig vs Wiman

by Jesse Holland | source: mmamania.com

Spike TV will once again offer mixed martial arts fans a look at select preliminary bouts when it airs live under card action from the upcoming UFC 115: "Liddell vs. Franklin" pay-per-view on June 12 from the GM Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

UFC lightweight stars Mac Danzig and Matt Wiman will bring their bout to the airwaves alongside the 155-pound scrap between Evan Dunham and Tyson Griffin.

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FightScientist site profile image  

5/13/10 10:46 AM by FightScientist

 I did not say "just got caught" I said he got caught. the "just" you are adding changes things. Fact is, he got caught. That is what we often call it here in the fight world. In Japan they call near (not neer) submissions "a catch"... Hey look we also have "catch wrestling". Its a term that means submitted. He lost that fight, no argument, and no excuses were ever heard from him.... However after he beat Bocek, who is very solid, he had a kid. I think it was right after the Guida fight and before Neer. So he was a new father a and had a lot of stuff going on.  Again no excuses were ever made by him that I ever heard, but this is a good reason to miss some training and not be 100% for a fight. So while losing 3 in a row is tough for anyone, facts are still that he lost a close decision to Guida, then the triangle by Neer and then another good fight and decision loss to Miller. This is not exactly a scrub. Plus losing 2 or 3 does not automatically get you out of the UFC. If you drop 2 and they were great fights or fight of the night candidates they won't drop you. Clay Guida has lost 2 in a row twice in his UFC career, but he is a good fight for anyone and puts on exciting fights. In the UFC he is 6-5. Mac is 3-3.   So anyway you look at it, to say "Danzig is very lucky that he won a weak season of TUF because there's really no other reason why he's still getting UFC fights." is retarded.

Tomato Can site profile image  

5/13/10 9:38 AM by Tomato Can

Mac didn't just "get caught" by Neer. That is nonsense. He was fading badly and was losing the 2nd round before the submission.

FightScientist site profile image  

5/13/10 2:17 AM by FightScientist

for sure... Mac was easily winning the Neer fight in the first round. Then got caught. The Miller fight was good and Mac almost finished him with that choke at the end of the 2nd I believe.  Either way he has 3 losses to tough tough guys... and good wins and won TUF. His fights are always entertaining. That is why he deserves to be right where he is.  

Kaz2000 site profile image  

5/11/10 9:19 PM by Kaz2000

ttt for Evan and NWMA

CRBMoney14 site profile image  

5/11/10 8:02 PM by CRBMoney14

Neer was landing huge shots from the top

orcus site profile image  

5/11/10 6:21 PM by orcus

"Miller and Neer both beat him up good, and Neer even finished him."I don't remember Neer beating him up at all. Don't think I ever saw the Miller fight.

dorf site profile image  

5/11/10 5:56 PM by dorf

Favourite fight on the entire card. Awesome, and smart for the UFC to put this on Spike. Griffin always brings it, and we'll find out for sure if Dunham should be in the mix. I think he's up there with the tops. Love this match.

Tomato Can site profile image  

5/11/10 2:38 PM by Tomato Can

Tore through everyone good and bad? Who were the "good" exactly? The only remotely good fighter he beat on the show was Tommy Speer and Speer has looked like a D-level fighter in his post-TUF career. Miller and Neer both beat him up good, and Neer even finished him. It's not exactly controversial to say Danzig wouldn't be in the UFC anymore if he didn't win TUF. It seems like a pretty basic truth to me.

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

5/11/10 2:36 PM by Herring In A Fur Coat

 Wasn't Wiman on the same season?  Or was he on the one that Nate Diaz won?

CRBMoney14 site profile image  

5/11/10 2:31 PM by CRBMoney14

Griffin/Dunham is the second best fight on the whole card imo. Trailing only Thiago/Kampmann.Danzig/Wiman is kinda meh