Rampage wants Rashad, Shogun and Forrest

source: fightersonlymagazine.co.uk

“I want to go get Rashad. Nice warm-up fight, kick his ass. Fight Shogun, redeem myself for my sleep, for my mind. Then go and beat the hell out of Forrest, retire him,” Jackson told us yesterday as he pondered what would be a perfect run for him.

Evans and Shogun are obvious targets, but why want to put a beating on Forrest Griffin so badly? True, Griffin took the UFC light-heavyweight title from Jackson by way of a controversial decision at UFC 86, but it isn’t losing the belt that so riled Jackson.

“Only reason is because of the way Forrest acted afterwards, when he knows he lost the fight. You go back and watch the footage when they said he won, he was so surprised. That fight was a controversial fight just like Machida-Shogun 1 was a controversial one,” he says. “But Forrest was the poster boy because of TUF and me, well…”

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Recent Comments »

Immaculata site profile image  

5/12/10 12:00 PM by Immaculata

I love Rampage, but I think he's going to get beat by Rashad.

Zander Crews site profile image  

5/12/10 10:10 AM by Zander Crews

LOL Epic moment! Right up there with the moon landing and JFK getting canoed.

jquezz site profile image  

5/12/10 9:51 AM by jquezz

funny how he want's forrest so bad, only hard fight for him should be shogun..its a toss up,,its gonna have to be a trilogy if rampage wins..

disbeliever site profile image  

5/12/10 8:50 AM by disbeliever

Thought Rampage won the fight, by slimmest of margins. On paper and in hype Rampage/Rashad should be a EXCELLENT fight. However I see it being a boring stall/lay match where both men are afraid of getting KO'd.

TagaCameron site profile image  

5/12/10 7:56 AM by TagaCameron

I'm sorry, but am I the only one that remembered that Rampage was kind of surprised when he got the decision win over Ninja back in Pride?

David@AccutestMi site profile image  

5/12/10 6:03 AM by David@AccutestMi

I agree! If you post one GIF of Rampage punching Forest, it does look like Rampage won the whole fight.

Zamiel site profile image  

5/12/10 5:50 AM by Zamiel

decu68- Rashad just beat Thiago Silva, who would you put against Shogun in 4 months from now?

slamming site profile image  

5/12/10 2:28 AM by slamming

 I had Rampage beating Griffin, but ill glady watch a rematch.  I dont see Forrest being successful this time.  I dont think Rampage will let Griffin get the distance he needs to kick since he knows he can take his punch all night long.  

ipswichross site profile image  

5/12/10 2:15 AM by ipswichross

Agreed there is a helluva lot of sheep on the UG.........Most of them don't back up the bollox they spout with facts/stats simply because the facts/stats don't back up there nonsense.

StutheJu site profile image  

5/12/10 2:06 AM by StutheJu

at least I posted my scorecard to back up my point of view. Most people on here keep saying that Forrest won the fight based on leg kicks without realizing that he barely threw any legs in the last half of the fight. Maybe I should call them sheep instead of simpletons? Fair enough?