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Paulo Filho is out of the fight against Hector Lombard at Bellator 18, This is the third time Filho has cancelled his participation in an event on the eve of the show. Last October, the black belt announced three days before the event he was out of Dream 12, where we would face Dong Sik Yoon. The same thing happend the week before Bitetti Combat 6,  last February.

In interview to, Paulo gave his version of the Bellator cancelation. “Honestly, I don’t know. I think maybe people knew I was in a good shape, strong, so they got scared… In fact, I’ve been informed it was a mistake of the event, which didn’t gave me the letter so I could take it to the council. Things were left to be solved at the last minute, unfortunately I won’t fight”, said Filho.

“My biggest concern is that people start to think that my absences are because of other things better than from what it actually is… I didn’t fight on Bitetti Combat for reasons between me and the organization and it came out on Sherdog that I was doing drugs and medicines once again. I fear that people actually believes that… I was training hard, working on my boxing with Distak, conditioning, running on the beach, doing Jiu-Jitsu… It was everything going pretty good, but there’s always something to get in the way."

Despite the cancellation of the fight, Paulo reveals he hopes to go back to the rings in July, and also that we has three scheduled fights in Australia. He has not looked for information on the need for a visa to get into Australia yet. “There is enough time left, but I believe that all the bureaucracy is for the best… To get into America is pretty hard”.

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Uncle Justice site profile image  

5/12/10 8:35 AM by Uncle Justice

 Actually the original article isnt entirely accurate. Tatame reported that Filho would drop off of Bitetti Combat a few days before the event, but then Filho re-committed when Sasaki refused to fight Acacio, or anyone other than Filho. Then Filho pulled out again on the same day of the event. Just sayin'.

Kneeblock site profile image  

5/12/10 8:20 AM by Kneeblock

No one is against the "local enforcement" angle of the AZ law. It's the profiling part of the law that has everyone in an uproar.And either way, that has nothing to do with the Filho situation.

hobbs805 site profile image  

5/11/10 10:40 PM by hobbs805


MrWhitey site profile image  

5/11/10 8:36 PM by MrWhitey

LOL! Pot/kettle/black much?

Jack Skellington site profile image  

5/11/10 8:35 PM by Jack Skellington

this guy used to be one of my favorite fighters. Pitty the direction his career has gone.If he's not careful he will be the next Ryan Gracie .....

BlazerinTraining site profile image  

5/11/10 8:32 PM by BlazerinTraining

Funny that you guys don't seem to know much about what you're talking about yet are very opinionated. Most of the BP agents and ICE agents I know are of Latin American decent and many actual Mexicans who came over here and did things the legal way. Also... there are thousands of illegals getting into our country on a daily basis so it really isnt that hard to do it. I don't see why so many people are mad at Arizona when all they are doing is enforcing laws that we already had in place which our federal govt has been refusing to do. Do any of you know how much money our govt has paid since 2003 to feed, clothe, house, provide medical expenses to illegal immigrants in our jail systems? More than billions :) Do you guys know how many of these illegals have criminal histories before coming over here or hell committing acts of violence etc once they get over here? There are good reasons for enforcing laws and we should all have to live by those laws for a damn good reason. Then again, what does it really matter when you have a president like Obama who has money trees at the white house? We are in store for much worse problems than this and very soon.


5/11/10 7:40 PM by K-Dub-"T"

Double correct and amen to that.  Oh, and fuck Arizona.

Invulnerablo site profile image  

5/11/10 7:22 PM by Invulnerablo

WAR Pauleira!!!

RedCoat site profile image  

5/11/10 6:18 PM by RedCoat

America is ridiculously hard to get into. That can be put down to the fact that all American ICE officers are complete and utter cunts with serious power issues.