Din Thomas: 'Someone is going to get embarassed'

source: fightmagazine.com

“I’m just glad all I have to do is show up and fight,” Thomas said. “I couldn’t imagine the position they’re in. They’re taking a big risk on this card not only with the fight I’m in, but they have some other high-level guys on this card. They’re putting their nuts on the line. They get one shot at this for the whole card and then the main event. I’m actually honored that they put me in a position to where they put everything on the line based on the card and I’m headlining it.

“I know it’s a pay-per-view event and I’m excited about it. I do understand the magnitude of the event. I like pressure. I perform better under pressure. As long as I put it behind me and not think about it too much, no pun intended I’m going to shine.”

“We’re going to get it on and somebody’s going to get embarrassed – and it ain’t going to be me.”

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DanasDaddy site profile image  

5/15/10 8:13 AM by DanasDaddy

Don King???

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

5/15/10 6:47 AM by Fight! UK Online

 TTTonight. Pleasantly surprised Mayorga weighed in without problems!

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

5/13/10 5:21 AM by Fight! UK Online

 Yeah, agree with the above. Din obviously knows this and will be looking to close the distance and take top position straight away. I have no doubts Mayorga has trained VERY little, if any, grappling. There's no point in having an ego when you're trying to win a fight.

anunaki site profile image  

5/12/10 4:18 PM by anunaki

This fight is defiantly winnable for din, but he can easily get his lights put out if he's not careful.Mayorga is not just a boxer, hes a fucking wildman that knows how to box/fight.din can train with boxers at ATT to prepare to stand with a "boxer"...but who the fuck do you get to imitate mayorgas crazy ass?he better dive for an ankle straight away, cuz if eats a counter fight trying to leg kick its good night.

100Percent site profile image  

5/12/10 1:16 PM by 100Percent

I like Din, but he can't win. He is going up against a real-life monster.

Hessian site profile image  

5/12/10 12:26 PM by Hessian


frankiscool site profile image  

5/12/10 12:03 PM by frankiscool

 I want to see about a dozen leg kicks that having him wobbling and grimacing, followed by a takedown slam, mount and punches, finally eblows that cut him up and shut him him.

Theonlyvivid site profile image  

5/12/10 11:37 AM by Theonlyvivid

I wouldn't be surprised if Mayorga got KO, by a head kick..Or he gets leg kicked to death, and crumbles for a TKO..

DiegoGaggedOnBJ site profile image  

5/12/10 9:02 AM by DiegoGaggedOnBJ

Din's getting KO'd real quick.

RickRude site profile image  

5/12/10 8:55 AM by RickRude

i don't even think this fight's gonna happen...Don King has threatened several times to sue Mayorga and Shine...cause Din's gonna GNP or Sub Mayorga within a few minutes anyway...