Evans: 'We’ll see who can suffer the longest'

by Thomas Gerbasi | source: ufc.com

“My mindset is, I’m gonna try to go where my opponent doesn’t want to go – we’ll see who can suffer the longest. That’s basically it, and if he can outlast me in suffering, then he wins the fight. But it’s a mindset to drive yourself to suffer. My wrestling coaches used to call it mental toughness. They would dog us out in practice and make us do things that we possibly couldn’t do, but they made us feel like we had to do it. They’d say ‘mental toughness, mental toughness’ and you learn to like the suffering - you learn to welcome that feeling when it comes. A lot of people run from it because they want to start feeling okay again, but when you embrace the suffering, you just ride it out, and pretty soon, you’ve outlasted your opponent.”

“I’m very comfortable with the fact that I bring an African-American face to the UFC. It’s excellent if black kids, or any kids for that matter, see me and are inspired by what I do. I’m very excited to be a good representative for black people and a good role model in general. I enjoy it because I know it’s not gonna be around forever and who knows how long it can last. I know everybody doesn’t always have this chance to experience this, so I feel like I’m experiencing a once in a lifetime thing and I’m just enjoying it as long as I can.”

“In my mind, I say ‘there’s no way that I’m losing this fight. No matter how bad I’m feeling, I’m just thinking the whole time that I’m in a fight and getting pushed that ‘I’m not losing, I’m not losing.’ I just say that over and over to myself. When things are getting hard or I’m fading out, I just say that and it works out.”

I think sometimes that once the fans have their mind made up about you, that’s it, and I think a lot of it comes from that Matt Hughes thing (during season two of The Ultimate Fighter), where he said I was cocky and that I like to showboat, and I think that stigma has followed me. No matter what I do, they see my personality as concrete, and there’s no changing it for a lot of people. A lot of people are very lazy with their opinions, and once their mind is made up one way, they either refuse or it’s very hard for them to go another way. But I take the good with the bad, and the good thing is this – I’ve never met a fan that didn’t like me.”

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Grakman site profile image  

5/12/10 11:45 PM by Grakman

 Yeah, I'd forgotten about that. Hasn't he grabbed his crotch in a couple fights, and danced around like Anderson Silva?

Darup site profile image  

5/12/10 11:19 PM by Darup

He thinks a stigma is following him around or maybe it is that every fight he is grabbing his nipples or dick...what do you know when you showboat people think you are a showboater.

Enemies site profile image  

5/12/10 11:05 PM by Enemies

I like Rashad better but I think Rampage vs. Shogun would be sweet. Who knows though, maybe A-Team 2 filming will get in the way of it.

ajjr0ller site profile image  

5/12/10 5:07 PM by ajjr0ller

I like Rashad and his personality a lot more than Rampage, but I see Jackson winning via knockout, probably in the 2nd.

ShadoKhan site profile image  

5/12/10 4:51 PM by ShadoKhan

I would like to see Rashad fight the way GSP does, use his wrestling more, and not go out there thinking he is a boxermix it up!pick him up, dump and repeat :)

anunaki site profile image  

5/12/10 4:15 PM by anunaki

Rampage has 10x the chin chack does...how quickly people forget.

Crooklyn site profile image  

5/12/10 4:01 PM by Crooklyn

We had him on Monday night. He was entertaining, to say the least: www.tapoutlive.com/media/8064/051010_TapouT_Radio_Rashad_Evans/

Kimbogun site profile image  

5/12/10 3:58 PM by Kimbogun

Rashad will try to eek out a decision like he did with Thiago

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

5/12/10 3:46 PM by Nexuscrawlers

its like rashad is admitting his only chance is to lay and prey like he did to tiago silva. total BS.

Bumbaclot site profile image  

5/12/10 3:43 PM by Bumbaclot