Daley moves on, to New Zealand, maybe to boxing

source: mmaweekly.com

It's al over

“That’s it. All over. I got my walking papers this morning and I am glad that things are now official. It’s a shame things went the way they did, but on the brighter side of things it opens up a lot more doors for me."

I have to earn a living

“I am fighting on a pay-per-view show in Australia on July 3 with a lot of other big names, and I have other offers in the pipeline.”

“My plan is to string a couple of fights together before the end of the summer and hopefully get on one of the grand prix shows. We’re currently talking to both Dream and Sengoku about getting a slot on their shows and there are some really good fighters there I can match-up with.”

“They must understand that as a fighter I have to earn a living. This is my livelihood and if I have to serve a suspension before I fight again in North America then I will, I have no qualms about that, but I need to earn a living now.”

A future in boxing?

“Boxing is still an option. One of my training partners is Rendall Munroe and his trainer is currently speaking to (boxing promoter) Frank Maloney on my behalf. I want to do both, fight MMA and get my boxing up to speed, but I want to do them concurrently.”

Will he ever return to the UFC?

“Stranger things have happened, aside from Dan (Hardy), there isn’t many exciting fighters there in that weight class. Although a fantastic athlete, George St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck isn’t really going to be that exciting as they are both wrestlers. Maybe in the future they will need a striker to come in and shake things up. Until then, there are plenty of guys for me to fight.”

Who does he want to fight?

“Where to start? K.J. Noons, Nick Diaz, Jay Hieron, Joe Riggs…”

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crazydave site profile image  

5/13/10 2:08 PM by crazydave

+1Would love to see him get ko'ed

chris laidlaw site profile image  

5/13/10 11:50 AM by chris laidlaw

 I hope he fights a BJJ blackbelt, who breaks his neck... after the fight is over of course

chris laidlaw site profile image  

5/13/10 11:50 AM by chris laidlaw

 I hope he fights a BJJ blackbelt, who breaks his neck... after the fight is over of course

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

5/13/10 11:21 AM by Fight! UK Online

 I'd like to see Daley fight in Japan and get involved in some K1. No qualms that way, and his larger than life personality would suit the place.

fhh03 site profile image  

5/13/10 11:20 AM by fhh03

LMAO after reading the interview....pretty funny how Paul has changed his tune about the UFC and them not having any exciting fighters in the WW division!!!HAHAHA!!!!Yeha i guess GSP, Thiago Alves, Anthony Johnson, Paulo Thiago, matt brown, carlos condit, renzo gracie, matt hughes, martin kampmann, brian foster, jake ellenberger, Dong Hyun Kim, mike pierce, volkmann ....and then he goes on to say that Dan "Decision" Hardy is an exception LOL!!!!!

adame09 site profile image  

5/13/10 11:17 AM by adame09

 Terrified to engage?  Kos engaged and owned him, take-downs at will, GnP... All Daley engaged in was illegal knees and sucker punches I think you mean you're looking forward to seeing Daley fight other one-dimensional strikers that have no ground skills, kicks, ect.

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

5/13/10 11:14 AM by Cyril Jeff

 their card just got a little better...

Grouchy site profile image  

5/13/10 11:05 AM by Grouchy

LMAO @ GSP and KOS are 'wrestlers' and 'boring.'They're MMA fighters with better wrestling bro...YOU'RE the one who makes it boring...when you CANT DO SHIT!Fuckin british dub

Ever Thus site profile image  

5/13/10 7:37 AM by Ever Thus

Good luck Paul, hopefully he does well over there.

purist site profile image  

5/13/10 7:34 AM by purist

Im pretty sure Antonio Silva fought in Japan while under suspension in the US, and he's now fighting for Strikeforce again. It may vary from commission to commission tho, as to whether they'll licence you again if you do that.