Shine Fights: Mayorga vs Thomas is still on

by Damon Martin | source:

Don King's best efforts to spoil Ricardo Mayorga's professional MMA debut took a big step forward Saturday. A judge in Broward County, Fla., granted King an injunction to stop the former boxing champion from competing on Shine Fight's Worlds Collide pay-per-view card in Fayetteville, N.C., tonight.

It's only a big step forward because according to Shine Fights they still plan on moving forward with the bout, regardless of the judge's decision.

Shine Fights' PR representative Phil Lanides on Saturday confirmed to that they still plan on moving forward with Mayorga's involvement in the fight stating, "Official position at this point is that we're still going forward."

Shine Fights did confirm that they would also alert fans and the media if anything changes in the situation, or if Mayorga will indeed be pulled from the bout tonight against Din Thomas.

The battle between Don King and Shine Fights has been ongoing for the past few weeks regarding the promotional contract Mayorga has with King.

King had sent two separate "cease and desist" orders to Shine Fights to stop Mayorga from fighting for the promotion, and last week filed an injunction to stop the bout from happening. The judge in Broward County Saturday enforced that injunction, but at this time Shine has decided to ignore that order and move forward with the fight.

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YourHeadOnSpork site profile image  

5/15/10 6:20 PM by YourHeadOnSpork

That is some bullshit. Isn't it a little ridiculous to have a judge rule on the day the fight is supposed to happen? Not to mention that ruling is bogus.If Shine Fights first ppv wasn't sunk already with the gross amount of free/cheaper/(most likely) higher quality mma counter programming tonight, it is now.

Sebowski site profile image  

5/15/10 5:54 PM by Sebowski

Gross Twitter:Ricardo Mayorga is out per @KarynBryant. Unfortunate for Din Thomas, who had good sponsorship money lined up for the fight.

Pink Bunkadoo site profile image  

5/15/10 5:50 PM by Pink Bunkadoo

damn damn damn damn damn. thanks for the info

INDK site profile image  

5/15/10 5:49 PM by INDK

so... this fights off then?

NHB USA site profile image  

5/15/10 5:24 PM by NHB USA

 How many minutes till showtime?

caposa site profile image  

5/15/10 5:19 PM by caposa

the closer to the fight we got, i just knew it would never happen i knew SOMETHING would stop this fight fuck Don King, and fuck Mayorga and his manager for even taking the fight in the first place wasting Shines money, the ticket holders money, and Din's time Thomas would have smoked him

mshagger site profile image  

5/15/10 5:12 PM by mshagger

If memory serves me right, Don King already tried and failed with promoting an mma show. And Don King has nothing to offer MMA, and DFW would run him out of the business.

100Percent site profile image  

5/15/10 5:03 PM by 100Percent

Why not give King a piece of the action? He is the one guy that could pull off a major UFC upset. He's a mafia connected, lawyer'ed up, pr genius, piece of shit. But he'd make Shine a ton of money.

Seamus619 site profile image  

5/15/10 5:02 PM by Seamus619

 Wouldn't this be considered illegal then? Or open them up to law suites?

HAMMER site profile image  

5/15/10 4:59 PM by HAMMER

Didn't know this fight was tonight...I hope it happens.