Beerbohm defeats Ribeiro by controversial split decision


Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro vs. Lyle Beerbohm
Round 1
Beerbohm shoots right off the bell and is stuffed by Ribeiro. He pushes him up against the cage but he can’t suck up his legs. Ribeiro tries to jump around Beerbohm and onto his back but he can’t completely turn the corner and drops back to his feet. There has been nothing but clinching along the cage for the first half of the round and referee Al Wichgers finally steps in to separate the fighters. On the restart Beerbohm goes right back into the clinch, driving “Shaolin” up against the cage but he can’t get him to the mat. The crowd voices its displeasure with boos but Beerbohm is undeterred. He continues to pin Ribeiro against the cage but cannot remove him from his feet. Another break comes with just 30 seconds left in the uneventful opening round. Beerbohm throws a low kick then follows it with another unsuccessful shot just before the round closes. scores the opening frame 10-10.

Round 2
Beerbohm is back at to kick off the second. He shoots in again and is rebuffed. He clinches but Ribeiro digs a pair of knees into his body before separating himself from his opponent’s grasp. Beerbohm lands a hard leg kick but “Shaolin” is unfazed. Beerbohm drops for a single but again he is stopped. Ribeiro finally gets a dominant position and goes to work on a chain of submissions but Beerbohm is up to the task. He somersaults around the cage to relieve the pressure on his arm as Ribeiro torques it one way then another. He finally extricates himself from danger and resets on his feet. Beerbohm gets the fight to the canvas with top position for the first time as the round clock ticks down. He tries to get some ground and pound going but “Shaolin” grabs a triangle attempt that he has to fend off. He closes the round with a couple right hands. scores the round 10-9 for Ribeiro.

Round 3
“Shaolin” takes Beerbohm’s back standing and wrangles him to the ground in the opening moments of the third round. He cannot control his scrambling opponent though and “Fancy Pants” turns in and takes top position. Ribeiro latches onto Beerbohm’s right wrist and elevates his guard looking for an armbar or triangle but he can’t secure either when Beerbohm frees his wrist and postures up and out of danger. Ribeiro gets back to his feet and Beerbohm pushes him up against the cage again, clinching him around his waist. “Shaolin” shoots in at the 10-second clapper but can’t secure the takedown at the bell. Both fighters raise their arms signifying their belief that they have won the fight but Sherdog sees it as a draw with Beerbohm taking home the final round 10-9.

Official scores are 30-27, 28-29 and 30-27 for Lyle Beerbohm, who takes the split-decision.

Strikeforce-Results-amp-Play-by-Play-24453">Read entire play by play...

Josh Thomson vs. Lyle Beerbohm in the works according to Scott Coker.

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SikRick site profile image  

5/18/10 3:23 PM by SikRick

 LOL at outboxed.  Shaolin looked like he got hit all over the place.  Thats why he got 6 stitches.   Lyle was untouched minus a few jabs to the forehead which is worse on your hands.  Shaolin back pedaled the whole fight.  No judges will ever give you a fight for back pedaling and being against the cage and on the botton unless your Bisping in England

ACalandrelli site profile image  

5/18/10 12:27 PM by ACalandrelli

No i actually seen the fight before i posted and i had shaolin winning the 2nd and 3rd and the 1st was a draw. Lyle was boring not shaolin with his anti grappling and he didnt show anything on his feet, he def. got out boxed if it u wanted to count points imo and his takedowns were no good. I hope he does get Melendez now and will see how that goes.

SikRick site profile image  

5/18/10 1:16 AM by SikRick

 Honestly Lyle didnt have a scratch on him and Vitor ate at least 10 punches.  Thats not very much but thats all there was.  Lyle pushed the fight.  No way thats a win for Shaolin.  Maybe the brazilian watched the video and thats why he is quiet

Wasa-B site profile image  

5/17/10 8:26 PM by Wasa-B

LMAO!!Yeah, someone getting beat the fuck up with punches but survives is also a draw because they can take punishment.Hahaha......dam.

13pitbulls site profile image  

5/17/10 6:59 PM by 13pitbulls

This deal here!

ChangoBravo site profile image  

5/17/10 3:09 PM by ChangoBravo

First, that was a horrible match. Like watching two mules fight over a turnip.Second, Congratulations to Fancy Pants. In a fight that was basically a judging coin toss, he emerged the victor.Third, his reward is going to get him killed. If he fights like that against Josh Thomson he could very well be the first death in the cage.Chango

ACalandrelli site profile image  

5/17/10 2:47 PM by ACalandrelli

How did lyle once try to finish? Also shaolin hit a nice double in rd 3 and def. was going for the back and if i recall was looking for the rnc and lyle was running for his life and scrambled like crazy. Lyle had 0 takedowns, 0 postion, 0 knock downs, and the stuff that landed was pity pat. Shaolin def. landed double the jabs and landed equal or more knees in the clinch. Im not downing lyle at all he had a good game plan and didnt want any part of the ground but he still was to cautious to win imo, im downing the judges. Lyle and shaolin did a great fight, but 30 - 27 from 2 judges in just crazy. Either way the fight was good and it is was it is and people def. see things different sometimes.

SikRick site profile image  

5/17/10 2:33 PM by SikRick

 ^ he must be from Brazil.   Shaolin had ZERO submission attempts in rd 3 and rd 1.  Everybody is crying so fine give Shaolin rd 2 for his subs.  But he got his head beat on in rd 3 and in rd 1 Sholin did NOTHING but a few knees to the body in the clinch.  Nobody in their right mind would give Shaolin rd 1 or 3.   Like I said the best he could hope for was a draw.   How is the weather in Brazil anyway?

ACalandrelli site profile image  

5/17/10 2:29 PM by ACalandrelli

Shaolin was trying to finish the whole time in the fight and came close many times. That alone is winning the round, a guy should not lose a round because he is trying to finish his op. How could a guy doing no damage and not once trying to end the fight win a round? BULLSHIT Shaolin won, Lyle didnt do shit not even one takedown. Shaolin was going for it over and over and thats was caused him to be in his guard and he was still attacking the whole time. Lyle was defending for his life more then half the fight, pushing someone into a cage wins fights nowadays lol.

Haulport site profile image  

5/17/10 2:06 PM by Haulport

How on earth could you think that when there are only 7possible items to score and 4 of them (Heavy Strike, Knockdown from a Heavy Strike, Near Sub & Heavy Throw/Slam) happen infrequently at best.