Stone Cold Steve Austin wishes he had done MMA


Sylvester Stallone is "a big pro-wrestling fan, he’s a huge MMA fan and you know we filmed part of the (Epxendables) movie in Brazil and we got to meet the Nogueira Brothers, I met Vitor Belfort, of course you know between takes a lot of times we were filming into the wee hours of the night and I sit there one time and asked Randy Couture questions about fighting and everything else that went on in his career for three hours straight. Finally I looked at Randy and said, ‘all right, Randy, one more question,’ and he looked at me and goes, ‘I know you’re going to ask me more than one more question.’”

“There’s a lot of guys in the business that could go (to MMA). You know back in the day you know as MMA has evolved and has turned into what it is now, so many of the guys I think would have been tremendous in that sport if they had started sooner. I remember growing up in South Texas that if it had been around a long time ago you know it’d be something that I would have been really interested in because I always liked individual competition. I’m not sitting here talking to you saying I would have been a UFC World Champion, I’m just saying that I have the mentality and the mindset that I would have liked to go down that road had I been exposed to it sooner in my life and that’s why I’m such a huge fan of the UFC and MMA in general. But going back to those Steiner Brothers, they were double-tough but don’t mistake them for being mean, they were just cantankerous and funny guys and probably some of the best guys you’d ever want to meet on the road and if you did ever want to get in a fight you damn sure want The Steiner Brothers on your side.”

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5/20/10 4:59 PM by Zander Crews

Wow why hasn't the stunner taken off in MMA yet? Lulz

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5/20/10 4:59 PM by frontrowbrian


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5/20/10 3:00 PM by BillyRayChubbs

 and that's REAL talk bro.....

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5/20/10 2:46 PM by Dawkins

Pretty sure all mma fans watched WWE at one point in their life.

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5/20/10 2:42 PM by Old Feller

 I never gave two craps about wwe, but this statement is 100% fact.

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5/20/10 1:36 PM by Dawkins

That was your best show yet Bruce. Joe Rogan also had his best podcast this week, so good job team Zuffa.

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5/20/10 1:19 PM by Squared Circle

 Stone Cold posting on the UG would enrich us all.