Sylvia vs Pudzianowski at Moosin: God of War


The world's strongest tap comes at 1:43 of Round 2

Trapped underneath former UFC champion Tim Sylvia on the ground, Mariusz Pudzianowski (2-1) tapped out after eating several right hands on Friday at the Moosin God of Martial Arts show in Worcester, Mass. It was the second consecutive win for Sylvia (26-6) after a two-year stretch that saw him lose four of five fights. "I'm back now," Sylvia said. "I've been back."

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kevinjd site profile image  

5/23/10 2:17 PM by kevinjd

 That fall was pathetic.  If you're training and fighting at this level against a former world champion, I'd expect more.  To simply fall to the ground is basically giving up.

JonnyWang site profile image  

5/23/10 2:07 PM by JonnyWang

Pudz looked strong but with no gas in the tank even Timmy could take you out! No heart to tap when he on your conditioning and maybe he might have a shot at being a decent gatekeeper!

KrazeeEyezKilla site profile image  

5/23/10 5:32 AM by KrazeeEyezKilla

I never thought Pudz had a chance at at winning this. Regardless, I have to respect a guy who reached the top of his sport, then chose to compete in another.

jacktripper site profile image  

5/22/10 6:24 PM by jacktripper

in other words he was only a mma heavyweight champion

Rocky Dennis site profile image  

5/22/10 5:53 PM by Rocky Dennis

 for later

joshclaudevanlydell site profile image  

5/22/10 5:38 PM by joshclaudevanlydell

this makes me smile.

Chappie site profile image  

5/22/10 5:23 PM by Chappie

I have never been a Tim Silva's fan, but I will readily admit that he had fairly sharpe hands at one time, but his stricking game has apparently digressed horribly because he looked like complete shit in that fight.

colbyt34 site profile image  

5/22/10 4:44 PM by colbyt34

The only thing that Tim should be ashamed of is the fact that he let himself get that out of shape. As well as Dana basically saying he would never let Tim back in (which I think is bullshit). Tim is doing what he needs to do to keep paying his bills and that means take the highest paying fights for right now. I hope he is serious about trying to get back into more legit fights. Pudz is an absolute joke and there was nothing whatsoever impressive about how he performed.For anyone on this forum to say Tim isn't any good is stupid. What is it that he has done to be treated like such? Getting knocked out by Fedor and Mercer? Well Fedor knocks out everyone and with 4 oz gloves I bet Mercer would KO just about anyone if he hit them like he hit Tim. Yeah Mercer is 48 but he is an Olympic Gold Medalist Boxer and everyone knows power never leaves. There is no doubt Tim has fallen off the path he was on , but being a Pro fighter at the level he was is hard to maintain. That is why none of us are even close to being pro's at anything. You don't see the real pro's on here bad mouthing b/c they know what situation he is in and how hard it is. So anyone has any legitimate reasons why Tim is a "joke" I would like to hear them.

ajjr0ller site profile image  

5/22/10 4:20 PM by ajjr0ller

Carwin is less than 2 inches taller and is about 15lbs heavier. It's not having muscle that is hurting him, but the kind of muscle that he has. If he trained more cardio and mma I think he would do better.

goldleader site profile image  

5/22/10 4:06 PM by goldleader

Being 305 probably helped. 40lbs less and we may have seen some gorilla strength throws.