St. Pierre’s journey leads to Roach’s lair

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“It is time to focus on my boxing,” St. Pierre said. “When I get to the other side of my career I don’t want to be one of those fighters who have been hit too many times, so they keep getting knocked out. If you have the opportunity to work with someone like Freddy, you take advantage.”

“It’s a challenge for me as much as it is for him,” Roach said. “The footwork and the stances are different than what I’m used to working with. I’ve never looked at MMA the way some [in boxing] have. A fighter is a fighter and a good one is going to pick up knowledge from wherever they can and apply it as they can.”

“Georges is such a tremendous athlete, and he’s such a fast learner. We were working at different distances and different angles than he’s used to fighting in MMA, but he picked it all up so fast.”

In his early UFC days, St. Pierre drove from Montreal to New York weekly to train at Renzo Gracie’s school. After he lost the UFC welterweight title to Matt Serra in a 2007 upset, he upped his training with Greg Jackson’s Albuquerque camp. Next was a stint working with the Canadian Olympic wrestling team, which has helped propel his current string of excellence in a division laden with accomplished wrestlers like Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch.

So St. Pierre working with Roach is simply the next logical step in the journey.

“When I won the title the first time, I got a big head,” St. Pierre said while picking at a baked chicken plate. “I didn’t respect Matt Serra like I should. I will never make that mistake again. You can never stop learning. You can never be too good.”

“This is my attitude when I go to the gym: Did I leave the gym that day a better fighter than I did when I came in? I’ve only been here a few days with Freddie and each time I left feeling like I was better.”

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OneScoup site profile image  

6/2/10 2:53 AM by OneScoup

Boxing is the last piece needed in GSP's arsenal. I'll be really curious to see him progress under Roach.

Slipperypescado site profile image  

6/2/10 12:30 AM by Slipperypescado

Was he talking about Vanes Martirosyan. I wonder what he meant by "holding his own"?But yet again I wouldn't read to much into what Roach says about such matters because it could just be another psychological warfare.I haven't heard anything in regards to GSP doing anything incredible during his consultations or sparring sessions.Can't wait to see some actual footage.

nobones site profile image  

6/2/10 12:21 AM by nobones

I'm not making it up. Those were Roach's exact words. He said he had GSP sparring against a guy from Wild Card that was 28-0 in boxing and GSP was holding his own. I that that was the craziest thing I've ever heard. Although he did say when he trained Anderson that Anderson only gave about 40% in sparring. He also said BJ had the most 'natural power'.

ajl416az site profile image  

6/1/10 11:35 PM by ajl416az

lol @ super troll when has BJ ever used anything other then his hands, or Anderson ever been the aggressor?  you don't know fighting and you just make shit up.  shut the fuck up 

superCalo site profile image  

6/1/10 4:58 PM by superCalo

mMa fighters that have trained with Roach :Dan Hardy : forget his overall mMa skills which seem to be in decline, his striking is worse since training with Roach, did he even manage to get one punch off on gSp?And was gSp so impressed with Dan Hardys striking that he thought "hey I need to use the boxing trainer he has, hes great!"Anderson Silva :Before training with Freddie Roach, Anderson had a killer instinct, he took the fight to his opponent, tried to finish them, did'nt play around, since training with Roach, he is much more hesitent, dose'nt put as much power in his punches, is constantly looking for the counter rather than attacking, plays safe and is far less effective.BJ Penn:BJ was a much more well rounded fighter before training with Roach, now he seems to rely on his boxing which while excellent has lessened his overall impact as a conplete mixed martial artist. Relying on boxing for instance against Frankie Edgar was a mistake, Roachs training has made BJ Penn less effectiveAndre ArloskiThat has been discussed a bit about his decline since training with RoachOthers :Don't know of any others but I expect gSp to be less effective against Koscheck than he was previously because of his training with Roach.Dont get me wrong Freddie Roach is a great boxing trainer, however he is a terrible boxing trainer for mMa, some may choose to dispute this, however the facts dont lie.

HAMMER site profile image  

6/1/10 4:57 PM by HAMMER

I wonder how much he charges GSP?

The Sultan site profile image  

6/1/10 4:46 PM by The Sultan

"i never said Anderson isnt well versed in other martial arts besides boxing. I'm saying on a fundamental level the use of pure boxing translates fine in MMA." That's just not true, IMO, and the opinion of many others. And for the 10 millionth time, I never said elements of boxing do not transition to are the one that are trying to prove that everything in boxing translates over and I'm telling you from experience that it doesn't. Personally, when I train with a guy who likes to box a lot, I work other areas such as a body kick, leg kick and head kicks....personally i have thrown a right hand wide to the left and expected a boxer to weave to his left as I'm following up with a head kick....most have eaten the kick right to the face because A) there front hand is down trying to be like Roy Jones and B) they have the bad habit of bobbing and weaving too much. Anderson Silva is a bad example for you to use yet you continue to default to him.  He's a top p4p fighter in the sport and can get away with TONS of stuff the average joe blow fighter CAN NOT and WILL NOT. Silva's antics in a few of his fights were as much about him showboating and getting cocky as it was about him not respecting his opponent's power or accuracy. How many other fighters bobb and weave excessively? It's no secret that you think boxing is the king of all striking, but there are a lot of other styles out there that can deal with boxing. For the record, I love boxing and I train boxing frequently...I use elements of boxing, but I'm not ignorant to know that it has its limitations and it has its place in MMA.  I don't get star struck because of "name recognition" and need to train with someone because everyone else says I should either. I already train at a great school. "The whole boxing doesnt transition to MMA is simply an excuse for people who have shitty hands"   That's bullshit and it proves you aren't really reading what is being typed.  You are just responding to what others have said on here before and not what I'm saying. I already stated that there are elements of boxing that I like and I employ in my strategies and there are areas I would like to continue to improve on.....but that doesn't mean I'm dumb enough to not know that there are 100% definitely elements of boxing that do not fit in the MMA picture. Just like there are elements of muay thai that do not fit in the MMA picture.....the same goes for BJJ. Are you going to continue putting words in my mouth or are you gonna actually read what I wrote next time?

kooldover site profile image  

6/1/10 4:32 PM by kooldover

gsp will stand with kos and brawl and sprawl his way to a ko with a few tds in between.GodSupports Progressive fighters willing to get their ass kicked to improvegsp will be the best ever in 5 years when he still has that damn title or moves up and fights anderson(he needs a few years to grow into more weight for that one

PrettyBoy site profile image  

6/1/10 4:15 PM by PrettyBoy

LOL excessive bobbing and weaving? Should i load the Anderson vs Franklin gifs? i never said Anderson isnt well versed in other martial arts besides boxing. I'm saying on a fundamental level the use of pure boxing translates fine in MMA. Anderson, BJ, and others use plenty of the same tactics that pro boxers use effectivly and do it in its pure form.  You are acting like if Roach doesnt teach GSP to throw from a stance that can avoid a takedown he isnt coaching properly...bullshit.  If MMA fighters knew how to box better you would see many more Anderson like moments in fights - the problem isnt that the tecs need to be adjusted to MMA its that most MMA fighters cant perform them on a level suitable to be effective. And just for the record MOST boxers can't use the Philly shell.  Thats why it is rare to see these days.  Mayweather is a rare breed to have mastered it to such a degree where he can shut down an onslaught with it. So yea that prob wouldnt be the best defense to start teaching an MMA fighter. However the use of a basic shoulder roll can and has been used very effectively in MMA.  The whole boxing doesnt transition to MMA is simply an excuse for people who have shitty hands.  

sacredhate site profile image  

6/1/10 4:10 PM by sacredhate

is GSP trying to work on what some people consider the most exciting part of MMA and folks here are saying that it is silly?