Modafferi and LaRosa are still friends

by Ben Fowlkes | source:

For two women who just spent fifteen minutes beating on one another, Roxanne Modafferi and Tara LaRosa sure seem like a cordial pair. It makes sense if you saw the pre-fight video where they smiled and joked about how they were going to smash each other at Friday night's Moosin event.


Only they weren't really joking, as anyone who saw the fight knows. In what was a rematch of their 2006 scrap both women threw everything they had at one another, only this time it was Modafferi who got her hand raised when the decision was announced.


You might think that a loss in a fight as close as this one would sting a bit for LaRosa, especially so soon afterwards. And yet there she is recounting her attempts to punch her way out of a triangle choke on a pay-per-view event as if she's talking about an intramural softball game that she just played in.


This is the sort of thing you want to show to anyone who calls MMA a barbaric sport.

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Jerzey site profile image  

5/25/10 8:16 PM by Jerzey

 LMAO! just made me choke on a granola bar! Kewl article! -Tara LaRosa *hey people.. I'm on twitter now!*

Bobsdf site profile image  

5/25/10 3:55 PM by Bobsdf

Congratulations Rox, all of Iran is proud of you. TTT for Deghani's #1 student!

thforklift site profile image  

5/25/10 3:32 PM by thforklift


Ronald McDojo site profile image  

5/25/10 3:28 PM by Ronald McDojo

 This article needs to be saved and just reprinted over and over, just leave open spots for new names.


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