Outspoken Laimon comments on Gracies and more

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The outspoken jiu-jitsu coach has lots of opinions. In this exclusive CP interview, he shares his thoughts on Eddie Bravo, awful MMA commentary, and the current "leather helmet" era of MMA. But first, the background of his falling out with the Gracies...

CP: So what was it that started this whole feud between you and the Gracies?

ML: I was training eight or nine hours a day, all day and I was starting to get pretty good. Then I went to the Pan-Ams and I saw guys there doing moves I had never seen before. I saw omoplatas and I saw [Vitor] “Shaolin” [Ribeiro] tap Robin Gracie when they were both brown belts and I was like, “WOW!” Shaolin had only trained something like three-and-a-half years. I went back to the academy and Rorian told me that I wasn’t ready for that kind of jiu-jitsu. I could understand. I had only been training like nine months at the time, and even though I had been training a lot, there’s a lot to adjust to techniques like that. The system takes a while to understand, but when you’ve got guys who are four-year blue belts and guys who have been training six or seven years and THEY’RE not ready, you start to wonder, “When are they ready?” Then you start wondering if it’s a cop out and they just don’t know this stuff or don’t want to learn it. By “they,” I’m talking about Rorian. Each Gracie is an individual and different. My main problem was with Rorian and how he did things. He’d say things like “Everybody who left the academy is bad – they’re bad apples.” Well, I started to think, “Maybe the apples aren’t bad; maybe you’re a bad farmer.”

There were all of these things going on. They wouldn’t let anyone compete in outside tournaments. If you just blindly followed everything they told you, everything was good, but if you ever questioned what was going on and used logic to see how things happened in the real world, you started to see that things were just a little bit different than what you were being told. I think that’s what happened. Even to this day I think that there are some shady sides to jiu-jitsu when guys are making a ton of money off of these tournaments, which is their goal – to make money off of Americans and every year you hear about guys getting screwed at the Pan-Ams, or screwed at the World [Jiu-Jitsu Championships] and they’re like “What are you going to do about it?” Guys threaten not to compete and they’re told, “This year it will be different,” and it never is. All these guys are making money off of their black belts and their video tapes and they charge these guys a lifetime’s worth of fees to compete even though people are coming to see them and they are giving back to the community. It’s just a whole lot of hoarding and greed going on in the sport. That’s not a positive environment to breed a sport in.

UFC-undisputed-2010-career-mode-coach-marc-laimon">read entire interview...

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5/28/10 2:16 PM by munsturrman28

thanks. it was hard

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5/28/10 2:16 PM by hitman007

Right, not by what I have seen and heard,

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5/28/10 2:14 PM by Fake Pie

"Must be one of Laimon's groupies. And no, my wife died giving birth to my youngest son. "Jesus Christ man, sorry to hear that.

munsturrman28 site profile image  

5/28/10 2:09 PM by munsturrman28

Must be one of Laimon's groupies. And no, my wife died giving birth to my youngest son.

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5/28/10 2:05 PM by Fake Pie

"very very interesting. Did Marc have sex with your wife? Is she black or asian? :)I think he gave a very valid and reasonable explanation of why he doesn't like Marc. What is your problem?

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5/28/10 1:42 PM by armbarring

very very interesting. Did Marc have sex with your wife? Is she black or asian? :)

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5/28/10 1:14 PM by 12

Thanks,i thought he was briangle.anyway he's a good kid.jordan aint much better now,so u aint missed much

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5/28/10 12:35 PM by hitman007

12, I havent since he was green belt, Ortega = triangle city

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5/28/10 12:29 PM by 12

^ who's t city? have you rolled with jordan?

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5/28/10 12:27 PM by hitman007

That That was a long long time ago, it makes you famous to bust on GTA. The guy learned the teaching style from GTA and his basics. He is making money now, like it or not he got his start there.As for the guy saying they teach you moves to get you caught by the upper belts. as a white belt you get caught, maybe that is why I have kick ass defense now.Jiu Jitus evolves very fast, just this week I was training with at the team Checkmat training session for Worlds, they had tons of new techniques from the last time they where here from the pan ams.I train with Checkmat, Saulo, Rani and GTA, and I am glad I started at GTA, plus they treat me and everyone I bring to roll like family.I go back to GTA once a month, Rener and Ryron are great instructors and are on another level of jiu jitsu, as is all the brown belts I have rolled with there, Alex and T-City.