TUF 11 coach Soliz apologizes to Tavares

by Saul Soliz | source: The Underground

From:  coach saul
Posted: 9 hours ago
Edited: 05/27/10 12:14 AM
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I first would like to apologize to Brad for my comment after his fight. I saw the kick with his back turned to me and from my vantage point it looked under the armpit, but after the angle from the opposite side it looks as if the kick landed on his jaw line.

As far as Rich and his comments, my comments weren't directed towards him at all.

I felt that Tavares decision over Hammertree was a bad call by the judges and that was my point of refrence, and Rich's fight never crossed my mind until he commented on my physique. Be that as it may, it was all worked out on the show and I and Rich resolved the confusion immeadiately after the fight.

In conclusion, congrats to Tavares and Seth, good job, outside of the kick. Saul Soliz

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CaptainCanuckSDK site profile image  

6/3/10 1:16 AM by CaptainCanuckSDK

saul soliz are you the guy screaming HAIII HAIII HAIIIIIIII HAIII HAIII HAIII HAIIII during the whole yager/bryant fight.holy fuck man. i didnt know you were chute boxe???

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

5/30/10 12:32 PM by Cyril Jeff


NHB USA site profile image  

5/29/10 8:29 PM by NHB USA

It's everyones business when you put in on reality tv, brah.  

akebh site profile image  

5/29/10 10:04 AM by akebh

why would anyone but the 2 guys involved give a fuck? Thats the problem nowadays, nobody can mind there own fuckin buisness

punchdrunkMMA site profile image  

5/29/10 5:54 AM by punchdrunkMMA

"Almost forgot. Today Saul soliz, titos assistant coach from TUF, called me today to personally apololgize. Very cool of him. Thanks Saul." - from Brad Tavares' Twitterhttp://twitter.com/Brad_Tavares

JeanBaptisteHenry site profile image  

5/29/10 2:56 AM by JeanBaptisteHenry


GregHonda site profile image  

5/29/10 2:41 AM by GregHonda

That really doesn't matter, I'm sure both Saul and Brad are cool with the situation. And in the end, that's all that really matters.

NHB USA site profile image  

5/29/10 2:24 AM by NHB USA

That's cool Only thing that sucks is that 0.0001% of the people who viewed the show, will see/read his apology.

GregHonda site profile image  

5/29/10 2:22 AM by GregHonda

After I emailed Saul Brad's contact info he immediately called him and resolved the situation. Props to Saul, you are solid my man!

Scramslam site profile image  

5/28/10 9:36 PM by Scramslam

Good to see ya post Saul. I admire your class.