114 weigh-ins live (7:00 ET)

source: ufc.com

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HAZ_10 site profile image  

5/28/10 8:49 PM by HAZ_10

man how much weight do you reckon rampage cut in the last 48hours he looks smaller than usual.Hope he knocks Rashad's ass out Mr.T style tho

guy1 site profile image  

5/28/10 7:47 PM by guy1


Mike Litoris site profile image  

5/28/10 7:33 PM by Mike Litoris

 Loved Rampage's superman ginch (no homo)

BoondockJOSH site profile image  

5/28/10 7:30 PM by BoondockJOSH

WOW Rampage is going to OWN!!

endochokedme site profile image  

5/28/10 5:30 PM by endochokedme

nah man, originally the title of the thread said 4 pm Eastern. I checked this thread about 1:20 and nothing was happening, so I checked ufc siteyour reading comprehension is good

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

5/28/10 5:04 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 My bad. Reading comprehension is hard. I blame public schooling lol

goggs2009 site profile image  

5/28/10 5:03 PM by goggs2009

Somebody tell me how long for the mmalive show to start and then the weigh ins? 1 hour is it?

LTL site profile image  

5/28/10 5:00 PM by LTL

UG News fucked up the thread title on the first go. It has now been corrected.I put a Fail post in but it was deleted. Fucking commie.

RickStorm site profile image  

5/28/10 4:43 PM by RickStorm

 Silverlight is Microsofts explorer plugin you need to watch some videos and video streams.. Kinda like having to have flash player to watch flash videos like youtube... If the video above is playing then you have it installed already... I think IE updates have it on the update 

fanoffights site profile image  

5/28/10 4:38 PM by fanoffights

What is silverlight?