Beerbohm challenges Melendez

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Gilbert Melendez ....

From: FancyPants
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 Hey Gil, Lets fight............. Im gonnna whoop that ass

Tead entire thread...


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DomenicVelluso site profile image  

7/5/10 9:55 PM by DomenicVelluso

 im not sure if the eddie vs gil fight is gonna go down..... i wish it would though....

limassweed site profile image  

7/5/10 4:13 PM by limassweed

Gil is to fight Eddie Alvarez next after he grinds eddie to hamburger meatim sure youll get ur shot

Vivier site profile image  

6/30/10 1:01 AM by Vivier

\Fancy will win due to his crawdad diet! MY GAWD THIS CRAWDAD DIET I TELL YOU!

gward armbar site profile image  

6/30/10 12:42 AM by gward armbar

i say if the man wants it so bad give it to him, if he wants to take an asswhooping let him.who else is there who would be better to fight Gil?feed him to Gil, his wrestling & prison strength won't save his ass from an EL NINO!!

FancyPants site profile image  

6/29/10 10:19 PM by FancyPants

i wont be ready to fight for a few months due to injury. so Gil has plenty of time.

maximus352 site profile image  

6/25/10 12:13 PM by maximus352

Gilbert is the Man!

Big_Mike site profile image  

6/25/10 8:36 AM by Big_Mike MMA Junkie Radio about:- His nickname ''The Punk''- Lyle beerbohm coming on the UG to ask for a title shot- Cung Le upcoming fight with Smith- Going off on Lyle some more- Upcoming fight with Pat Healy- Strikeforce Commentary- Hates on Kobe Bryant- His Blind date episode & exposes some secrets about the show.....- Zuffa put Nick Diaz on the undercard for turning down blind date appereance.

Vivier site profile image  

6/22/10 10:49 AM by Vivier

Do you think Lyle wants to fight tomorrow? Pretty sure he's looking down the road a lil's November sound?

limassweed site profile image  

6/22/10 10:30 AM by limassweed

LyleYou calling out Gilbert Melendez while hes on vacation and healing a broken hand from the Aoki fightis almost as funny as when KJ Noons called out Eddie Alverez when he knew Eddie was getting married and would not be fighting any time soon

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

6/21/10 8:26 PM by RyannVonDoom

TTT for Lyle.