White: 'UFC 114 judges got it wrong'

source: MMAJunkie.com

LAS VEGAS – Judging by the reaction of the MGM Grand Garden Arena in crowd in Las Vegas when the scores from the Antonio Rogerio Nogueira-Jason Brilz bout were announced at Saturday night's UFC 114 event, there were all of three people in the building who believed "Little Nog" had done enough to walk away with the victory.


"I thought the decision was [expletive]," White said. "Listen, we're always in this position. I'm no [expletive] judge, but I thought Brilz won the fight.


"You can't leave it in the hands of these judges. You always hear me saying it, and guys keep doing it."


"I think Brilz could have knocked 'Little Nog' out at the end of the second round," White said. "He should have [expletive] went for it when 'Little Nog' was hurt."

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FreakDaddy site profile image  

6/6/10 10:35 AM by FreakDaddy

This is so correct. I think a lot of it had to do with perception. It reminded me of the Igor/Telligman fight. Most people gave the fight to Tra becuase he did so much better than they thought he was going to do going in. I remember thinking that was a close fight too, but after rewatching it I thought Igor won the fight. The same goes here. I also agree about Hammil/Bisping. Nothing is close.

Doo Doo site profile image  

6/2/10 5:11 PM by Doo Doo

It was a very close fight, but Nog won. I think people saw Brilz winning because he did so good aganits someone that should have knocked him out or tore his arm off. That said, nothing compares to Hammil/Bisping...I repeat NOTHING!

RedDragons site profile image  

6/2/10 3:41 PM by RedDragons

100000 apologies. Although I said "of the decade". Bas over Randleman was definitely the biggest robbery of all time.

icelogo site profile image  

6/2/10 2:55 PM by icelogo

Bas vs Randleman = worst decision eva

RedDragons site profile image  

6/2/10 2:36 PM by RedDragons

Yup yup. Fight of the year 2010, robbery of the decade. Although, now look how huge K.Z.'s following has become. Gotta love the fucking shirt :)

Wasa-B site profile image  

6/2/10 2:33 PM by Wasa-B

R2 was not enough for a 10-8 for Brilz.

McLeod site profile image  

6/2/10 2:28 PM by McLeod

I'm sure White has not rewatched it. In fact, if I was in that arena, with the crowd cheering , etc.. I would prob have leaned towards Brilz... live shows have that effect. Watching the fight though, it's clear it was no way a robbery, a close fight that Nog won in rd 1. BTW: Brilz is in the UFC video game 2010. He's obviously somewhat known. :) Just much moreso now.

ajjr0ller site profile image  

6/2/10 2:15 PM by ajjr0ller

zombie/Garcia was the worst robbery ever imo

BrutalMedic site profile image  

6/2/10 2:14 PM by BrutalMedic

Btw the reason I'm pushing this is pretty simple.Brilz wasn't big on my radar and I expected Lil' Nog to dispatch him, like most.I also was under the impression it was pure robbery and if I could be bothered I'd try and find my original post in this thread, I think I said that...I can't remember now that I think about it, but I reckon I said it was robbery.I rewatched it and it was not robbery, in fact I reckon Nog eeked it out. There was no dominant fighter, but Nog did do more on the feet which was not nullified elsewhere - Brilz shouldn't win a close round just because he was meant to be destroyed and wasn't.