Petruzelli: I was not paid for last fight in UK

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From: Silverback Seth
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as of right now, war machine and myself (im still waiting for a call back from matt horwich) have not been paid for our BAMMA 3 fights may 15th in Birmingham England!  This is B.S!  we feed our families with this money.  someone resove this ASAP!

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shootfightermike site profile image  

6/25/10 10:13 PM by shootfightermike

 you will def get paid next weekend

Leigh site profile image  

6/25/10 1:22 AM by Leigh

Glad everyone got paid :)

sgavin site profile image  

6/24/10 9:20 PM by sgavin

 Not sure about a Union but an Association is definitely in order...

ChristianDarrowsTraner site profile image  

6/16/10 2:26 PM by ChristianDarrowsTraner

That is good there are advocates fighting to get the fighters paid...MMA is not quite as bad as boxing, and not nearly as bad as professional pool...I hope unscrupulous promoters get the shit kicked out of them every time they pull shit like this

lionsoul site profile image  

6/16/10 1:57 PM by lionsoul

In the future... Ken P should pay out of his pocket.  It is HIS responsibility to conduct the due diligence to make sure his fighter is with a reputable group.   If he had any honor or integrity... Ken P would have paid his fighters the minute they met their obligations.

matthorwich site profile image  

6/16/10 1:18 PM by matthorwich

 That is a great piece you wrote, thank you. Fighters should have a day.

punchdrunkMMA site profile image  

6/15/10 11:12 PM by punchdrunkMMA

 Really glad to hear everyone has been paid even if it took way too long and way too much effort to make happen. If anyone is interested, here's the piece I wrote about the situation:

matthorwich site profile image  

6/15/10 9:32 PM by matthorwich

 I meant it :)

Sagiv Lapkin site profile image  

6/15/10 3:56 PM by Sagiv Lapkin

 Glad this is finally over. Hopefully lessons were learned across the board.

KenP site profile image  

6/15/10 3:54 PM by KenP

Pretty sure she WASN'T being sarcastic.  We worked hard to get this resolved.