Yager says bitter Tito twitter not his

source: fightersonlymagazine.co.uk

Somebody pretending to be Jamie Yager of Ortiz’s TUF team started haranguing him via Twitter last night.

Messages accusing Ortiz of being a “coward” and “wannabe brown pride” who “hits women” because he is scared to rematch Chuck Liddell prompted former light-heavyweight champion Ortiz to retort, saying it was a “bridge burnt” for Yager.

Yager’s ire was apparently prompted by last night’s episode of TUF in which Ortiz was seen decrying him for “quitting” before the third round of a quarter-final match. But the account has turned out to be false. Ortiz says he suspected as much because Yager saw “the show last week and I talked to him after he watched it.”

Yager's real Twitter account can be found at http://twitter.com/jamieyager

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However, this story would appear to be contradicted by his facebook, which references the twitter account that ranted about Tito:


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CindyO site profile image  

6/4/10 8:41 PM by CindyO

THIS! LOL Cindy 

NHB USA site profile image  

6/4/10 5:31 PM by NHB USA

 Can someone please give me cliff notes of what happened??? What was said? 

Dayvet site profile image  

6/4/10 5:27 PM by Dayvet

Here is the article I read about it: http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2010/6/3/1499784/jamie-yager-and-the-dangers-of#storyjumpAlso, his own management says his facebook account was a fake, too...whereas Tracy just said that the facebook account is his real account and that they had just mistakenly put up his incorrect twitter account? That's kind of fishy if you ask me.

Dayvet site profile image  

6/4/10 5:21 PM by Dayvet

There was a report I read somewhere about one of the reporters talking with Yager online about actual face to face conversations they had with eachother. Explain how a "hacker" or "troll" knew about that? IMO its his management doing PR control 101. I'm still looking for that article I read that said this.

brdrchoker site profile image  

6/4/10 4:24 PM by brdrchoker


RedCoat site profile image  

6/4/10 1:55 PM by RedCoat

Let's just ignore this fraggle haired fool.

clattymine site profile image  

6/4/10 1:50 PM by clattymine

 Sounds like they've finally come up with a confusing enough story to help control the damage. His PR guys are pretty good, but they need more practice I guess.

SchwarzerPanter site profile image  

6/4/10 1:29 PM by SchwarzerPanter

... if it was him talking all that trash-it was 'very bad for business' was all I was thinking as I read what he seemed to have written.If it's damage control, it's a wise move on his part if he wants to stay in the combat sports and entertainment industry.

brawlinbarrister site profile image  

6/4/10 1:14 PM by brawlinbarrister

 Fighters and twitter are a bad combination.