Law allowing MMA in NY could come to vote today


A law that would allow mixed martial arts, or MMA, in the state could come to a vote today.

MMA is a mix of  martial arts, and has been made famous by  the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The fighting, however, is illegal in New York.

Supporters say MMA is no more violent than boxing or football, while opponents say the sport could promote more violence because competitors kick, punch, and knee each other during bouts.

The Assembly is expected to vote Thursday.

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TheClips site profile image  

6/3/10 7:03 PM by TheClips

I seriously don't see how you can communicate to a bunch of idiots that the sport of fighting won't "cause" violence in society. It's a shame that they're so closed-minded.It's these same fools that think making LAWS to take guns away will get LAW-BREAKERS to have less guns, somehow....

KahL site profile image  

6/3/10 5:48 PM by KahL

 Yes that IS MMA, more so NHB that what new people are familiar with today. :-)

HardHittingHeeb site profile image  

6/3/10 5:31 PM by HardHittingHeeb

It is MMA. Maybe not my cup of tea, but MMA all the same.

Modern Day Messiah site profile image  

6/3/10 5:24 PM by Modern Day Messiah

^^and what you posted above is not MMA

Modern Day Messiah site profile image  

6/3/10 5:23 PM by Modern Day Messiah

Won't happen today

Jump Kick site profile image  

6/3/10 4:54 PM by Jump Kick

 NY MMA Is Already Here:<br> -jk