Brilz: Decision was correct, doesn't want rematch


Jason Brilz just took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to join Shambala Sports Radio.

On the program, Brilz was very candid in discussing his fight with Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Despite the calls of many, who have cited the judge's decision as being "robbery", Brilz stated that he felt the decision was the correct one.

Brilz later on was asked if he wanted a rematch with Nogueira, but said he'd rather move on.

"I don't like rematches," Brilz said. "I'll face whoever Joe Silva would like me to face, and I'm not going to duck anyone, however I'm not going to seek the rematch with Nogueira. He beat me, the judges call was the correct one."

Listen  to entire interview...

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Nanook site profile image  

6/5/10 1:07 PM by Nanook

What I came away with from that interview is a new found respect for the guy. Brilz was so incredibly modest about who he is and where he's at in this sport. It was almost refreshing to see someone with such modesty in sport like this.

Naughty Gorilla site profile image  

6/5/10 12:29 PM by Naughty Gorilla

Close fight but Nog won

Archer0545 site profile image  

6/5/10 11:06 AM by Archer0545


fayceofff site profile image  

6/5/10 10:15 AM by fayceofff


D_S_A site profile image  

6/4/10 12:55 PM by D_S_A

Brilz is a smart guyif he got a rematch and got his ass kicked no one would remember the first fightat this point in his career even a close loss to Nog is a boost to his resume

Wasa-B site profile image  

6/4/10 12:50 PM by Wasa-B

Totally.First off, i don think a rematch is necessary at this point anyhow.2, Brilz can still say at the end of the day, he took Rog to a very close and debatable decision that came down to a subjective call on one round and that he had Lil Nog in seriouis trouble in R2.MOST SIGNFICANTLY: this was one of the few matches where a wrestler has used transitions to catch a world class BJJ into subs. Wrestlers normally beat BJJ guys on the ground by grinding them out but i cant recall any matches recently where the wrestler has caught the BJJ guy in subs while scrambling or in transition. Brilz was totally ready for the sweep in R2 (though Rog still made them work in other rounds).

bismanfightclub site profile image  

6/4/10 12:24 PM by bismanfightclub

Capt. jab & jog, take some facking notes here.

SSF site profile image  

6/4/10 12:19 PM by SSF

I met Jason Brilz at UFN 15 in Omaha when Brad Morris fought him. Jason was very polite and quite at the weigh ins and at the hotel. After the fight he was humble. He seemed to be a good guy. Even though he beat my friend, I am a fan of Jason's.

bryanand site profile image  

6/4/10 12:15 PM by bryanand

Whether he won the fight or not does not really matter, he won over a fan base and that is the most important thing to preserve. I think he should take a step back and try to build up a few more wins against lesser opponents and this point and let things play out. If a re-match happens, it happens when the conditions will really warrant it. I too think immediate rematches for close fights is stupid.

sillypants site profile image  

6/4/10 11:45 AM by sillypants

Why can't any brits say similar? This guy is going out of his way to be classy and humble, and look at the reaction!Take note.