'The Striking Truth'

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6/12/10 12:19 AM by Oddessa

http://www.youtube.com/user/donbesttv#p/u/9/h7N9DLRzFtw ^ Gave Bobby Razak 's work on the  doc a mention in an interview this morning...when giving props to vetran and old school fighter  David Los... maybe someone can embed

Oddessa site profile image  

6/12/10 12:19 AM by Oddessa

http://www.youtube.com/user/donbesttv#p/u/9/h7N9DLRzFtw ^ Gave Bobby Razak 's work on the  doc a mention in an interview this morning...when giving props to vetran and old school fighter  David Los... maybe someone can embed

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6/10/10 11:55 AM by JudOWNED


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6/9/10 5:47 PM by KahL

 VERY cool! TTT with this.

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6/9/10 12:55 PM by Owned Entertainment

 www.thescore.com/mma/articles/46360-david-loiseau-looks-for-a-happy-ending-in-both-his-film-and-ufc-115 David Loiseau looks for a happy ending in both his film and UFC 115 By Neil Davidson, The Canadian Press June 08, 2010 David (The Crow) Loiseau can write his own ending Saturday night.   THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette   The veteran mixed martial arts fighter from Montreal gets another shot at the UFC when he takes on middleweight Mario Miranda on the undercard of UFC 115 at GM Place in Vancouver. Watching closely will be filmmakers Steven Wong and James Hergott, who have based their documentary "The Striking Truth" around Loiseau and UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. While editors work on finishing the film in a bid to get it into the Toronto International Film Festival this fall, director Wong and writer/executive producer Hergott will be capturing Loiseau's UFC return in Vancouver as the finishing touch to their documentary. "As a friend, I want him to win," said Hergott. "From a professional point of view, I'm there to show the true story, whatever that is." Now 30, Loiseau has always been a physical talent. His flashy kicks and moves have lived on in UFC highlight reels, even while the fighter himself looked on from outside the organization. But he has not always translated the skills he shows in the gym to the cage. Loiseau says the time is now right to shine. While maintaining he lives a warrior's lifestyle, always training, always ready, he says he enjoys fighting more these days because he has balance in his life with other projects like the movie. The documentary has long been Loiseau's baby, expanding as the months wore on to include St-Pierre as well. "It's life outside of the cage," Loiseau explained. "It's what happens to me and Georges St-Pierre outside the cage." But fighting runs through the movie, from training to weight-cutting. Loiseau (18-9) and GSP are like brothers. Friends and training partners, they were both on the UFC 58 card back in March 2006 that saw the beginning of the film project. At the time, Loiseau was the main event fighter. Long seen as one of the MMA trailblazers from Quebec, Loiseau lost a gruelling five-round bout to 185-pound champion Rich Franklin. While both men have experienced bumps in their MMA road since, the two have headed in different directions. Loiseau never seemed to recover from the Franklin beating and was cut after a subsequent loss to Mike (Quick) Swick at UFC 63 in September 2006. St-Pierre defeated B.J. Penn at UFC 58 and went on to win the welterweight title next time out, toppling Matt Hughes at UFC 65. St-Pierre lost and won back his title and now rules the 170-pound weight class as one of the sport's most popular fighters. GSP remains as faithful as ever to Loiseau. "He looked good in the gym, he was great," he said this week. Loiseau got another chance at UFC 97 in Montreal in April 2009 but was cut again after a lacklustre performance in a loss to Ed Herman. He was summoned again for UFC 113 in Montreal in May, only to lose the opportunity when the Quebec athletic commission delayed his licence approval. Never one to stand still, the UFC replaced Loiseau with fellow Canadian Jason (The Athlete) MacDonald. Loiseau watched UFC 113 from the stands. "It was a different feeling,'' he said. "But you know they say 'A God makes no mistakes,' so I just rolled with it and accepted what happened. At first, I was a little upset but you have to accept it and move forward." Vancouver is essentially Loiseau's UFC mulligan. "I'm very motivated, very grateful the UFC took me back and I'm looking forward to putting on a great performance," he said. Bolstering his confidence is his reunion with Muay Thai coach Kambalay (Peter) Sisomphou following UFC 97. "He's the one that taught me how to knee and elbow," he said. At UFC 97, Loiseau tried two spinning back kicks in the first 10 seconds, only to have Herman take him down and punish him on the ground with vicious knees to the body. Loiseau admits he was too focused on putting on a "flashy performance" and when Herman got him to the ground, he failed to make the necessary adjustments. "And I paid the price for it." So will it be a new Loiseau in Vancouver? "I will be much more effective," he answered after a pause. Loiseau has had other things on his mind in recent times. The earthquake in Haiti hit home, with friends and family affected. "They're rebuilding slowly but it's a tough situation. They still need help," said Loiseau, who donated part of his purse from a February win to the earthquake relief. Loiseau, who made his UFC debut at UFC 42 in April 2003, is starting all over again in the UFC. Some in the stands Saturday will have forgotten his UFC 58 title shot. How tough was that Loiseau-Franklin fight? Franklin was a clear winner and needed surgery to insert seven screws and a plate in his hand. He also suffered a hairline fracture in his foot and had ligament damage in his left ankle and right knuckle. Plus he needed five stitches over his left eye. Loiseau emerged looking like Franklin had taken a baseball bat to his head. There were no broken bones — and only a few stitches — but it took a week for the facial swelling to subside. The lopsided loss left marks elsewhere. "Mentally I had to refocus, recover mentally from all the stress before the fight. The criticism after the fight. It was hard," he told The Canadian Press in early 2007. Loiseau says he remains positive these days. "What you think about, you bring about," he said. "I'm focusing on the good times ahead and the great times coming up." Miranda (9-1) lost his UFC debut to Gerald Harris in March

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6/9/10 3:36 AM by myrites


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6/9/10 3:35 AM by Owned Entertainment

Official website up now: www.strikingtruth.com 

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6/7/10 6:02 PM by Buck 65

I'd say you're wrong. If that was the case, that would be very disrespectful towards Loiseau. Come on, he's had some ups and downs but he's not a loser. Overall he's had a great career.I do think they should take out the "sometimes you lose" with GSP though. Him saying it and then Loiseau saying it right after doesn't seem right. GSP also overacts the line.

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6/7/10 4:25 PM by myrites

No it was by design asn, yes Kahl Redrock is da bombBobby Razak

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6/7/10 4:19 PM by wreckker

 i look forward to seeing this movie!