Hackleman: 'Chuck is SCARY ready'

source: twitter.com

Great gym... Chuck is SCARY ready 

Another great training at a GREAT gym...



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Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

6/13/10 10:35 AM by Chimonos Revenge

Those two losses to Silva would have eaten the soul of a lesser man.Not Rich.Dude is all class and gets disrespected way too much for what he has done in and for the sport.Dont forget he spoke alot in the press and on talk shows (like the douchebag bill oreilly) about the sport when they were still trying to get it sanctioned in alot of states.Great ambassador for MMA.

BushHog site profile image  

6/13/10 10:23 AM by BushHog

Franklin was never out against the Spider because he was too busy crumpling for Spider to finish it. I would rather be Chuck last night than Rich in his 2 fights with Silva....

Grakman site profile image  

6/13/10 10:18 AM by Grakman

 ^ man they didn't look that fast last night on the big screen

CRE site profile image  

6/13/10 10:16 AM by CRE

^^typical moron who posts on the UG and think he knows the fight game.So much for not having power huh?EAT UP BITCHESRICH FRANKLIN IS IN GOD MODE SENDIN PEOPLE TO THE LIGHT

Brock75thRanger site profile image  

6/13/10 10:13 AM by Brock75thRanger

lol at the idiot who said rich doesnt have power,he has 2 of the best ko's in ufc history with quarry and chuck

TheTFC site profile image  

6/13/10 9:48 AM by TheTFC

TTTold you so

TheTFC site profile image  

6/13/10 9:47 AM by TheTFC

TTTold you so

FistoftheNorthStar site profile image  

6/11/10 2:41 PM by FistoftheNorthStar

chuck and franklin are done so this thread is irrelevant.And Ian McAll, Dominick would whip your bisexual toenail painting bitch assistant guy kissing no talent ass up again and again. dont blame it on a fractured urethra.And no one who can get pussy is impressed with your skanks, las vegas a crawling with poon, literally crawling.... go get checked dude.

awilson82 site profile image  

6/11/10 1:50 PM by awilson82

The shots from Rashad and Rampage would have KO'd Super Jesus. The left from Shogun was pretty brutal too. Mark Hunt he is not but everyone is way undercuting what chin he has. Rich has 1 KO Chuck has what like 10,000 lol. Power is the last thing you lose and a increase in cardio coupled with some recovery time and Chuck should have maxed his ability to take a shot and his speed timing should be there.  If Chuck gets KOd but a jab then his Chin is gone. Guess we will see saturday.  

ItalianRottie site profile image  

6/11/10 12:52 PM by ItalianRottie

franklin body kicks will be in full flow.