Rampage loves WWE, Mr. T not so much

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On the WWE

I wanted 2 be in WWF when I was a kid,met a pro wrestler,it didn't go well so I stop being a fan,I regret it now,and I 4give him, don't ask!

MIGHT tell story in my book,IF I write one,might lose some fam if I do,but I will most deff tell ALL about PRIDE and DANA!!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody was cool! They r a bunch of big kids like me,doing what they love. Big Show was so funny! He showed me the choke slam. I want n!!!

John Cena,was cool,but Ted is the man,I wanna do a movie wit him. Vince was cool as hell,Bret is my new home boy Pipper so down to Earth

he King is lade back,Mean Gene was pimp,everybody was damn cool,I would like 2 go back as Rampage and do the power bomb then wowl. Ny next!

Didn't meet any a holes,the cuffs were real homie, I'm just that strong!!!

Btw I went as BA! Not as Mr T. Pipper made a mistake! It's live TV and it's real!! Hahaha so I didn't get mad...

 My Lil bro gave me that chain,he was a big JYD fan 2,it's about brotherly love not about JYD u feel me? But I hot much love 4 him   

On Jessica Biehl

And I think I have a crush on Jessica Biel,she is so cool,I always wanted a girl like dat! U here me God,I know u read Twitter!

 I didn't have a crush on her at first, but when she taught me what the angry pirate was, it was all over!   

On Mr T (he didn't like the new A-Team movie)

Whoa Mr T lost a fan when he said that,I still like BA,T is just haten cause he wanted the job! He need 2 get some nuttz,

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Fury2Feed site profile image  

6/9/10 10:50 AM by Fury2Feed

^^Its the movie version. Even the Ninja Turtle movie had people die in it.And Rampage still has love for Mr.T, despite what he says.

john joe site profile image  

6/9/10 10:45 AM by john joe

he told someone off for calling him Mr T at the media open day a while back, which is fair enough coz thats like calling Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes

LTL site profile image  

6/9/10 10:45 AM by LTL

Blue Help;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04CssM5-9wo

Fastwalker site profile image  

6/9/10 10:39 AM by Fastwalker

Another literary masterpiece by Jackson.

Bill Jackson site profile image  

6/9/10 10:32 AM by Bill Jackson

Mr.T doesnt like the movie because he wasn't in it, his reason is because of the sex scenes and people actually getting killed in the movie which was totally different from the tv show. He actually said he liked Rampage BA character.

Juzz site profile image  

6/9/10 10:05 AM by Juzz


crazydave site profile image  

6/9/10 10:03 AM by crazydave

I didn't have a crush on her at first, but when she taught me what the angry pirate was, it was all over!