DFW: Liddell is done if he loses Saturday

by John Joe O‚ÄôRegan | source: fightersonlymagazine.co.uk

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell was urged to retire by UFC president Dana White after his last loss, but White in the end relented and offered him one more shot - as long as he would agree to cut out his partying and nightclubbing and get serious about training.

Fighters Only spoke to the UFC president yesterday and asked if a loss this weekend against Rich Franklin will mean the end of the road of Liddell, the former light-heavyweight champion.

“Yes, and I think he will say the same thing. But let me tell you what the difference is - the difference before, when I wanted him retired,  was that he wasn’t doing the right thing. He was out partying every night and doing the wrong thing not the right thing.  He wasn’t living the life of a professional athlete."

“He and I sat down and talked and I will tell you what, he has kept his word. He has been phenomenal shape since the beginning of The Ultimate Fighter and it will be interesting to see how he does. Because Rick Franklin is tough, he is no joke. He had that war with Dan Henderson that many people believe he won, he had the war with Wanderlei Silva - he has fought all the best in the world.”

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BUT, if Liddell  wins...

"You know what I was thinking about doing, I was thinking about it could possibly him and Forrest too. So the winner of Rich Franklin vs. Chuck Liddell could fight Forrest Griffin."

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The Wanginator site profile image  

6/11/10 5:55 AM by The Wanginator

Look, the story is now "Dana told Chuck to quit his partying or he was done."Try to keep up will ya?Which coincidentally makes Tito's story THE TRUTH, when he referred to Chuck's intervention, just like when Chuck denied he was ever friends with Tito and there was never any agreement not to fight, Tito's then-wife responded by showing us all on the PPV pre-fight special pictures of Chuck hanging with Tito and Chuck under a blanket on Tito's couch...But of course, this is around the time when Dana and Chuck were going steady, honeymooning in Japan where Dana predicted Chack would wreck the PRIDE athletes.I wonder how that turned out?...Oh yeah.I seem to remember Dana sobbing like a little girl watching his homeboy get wrecked with Bas Rutten or whoever the PRIDE commentators were at the time "He's *sniffle* not using his kicks... *sob*...He's not doing anything like we trained...pass me a tissue Mauro" *sob*Until Tito,3,2,1CINDY O ATTACK MODE

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

6/11/10 3:52 AM by JimmersonzGlove

 Randy vs Nog was close? And Randy should've lost the decision to Vera....he should be 1-3 in his last 4.

knockoutfighter site profile image  

6/11/10 2:51 AM by knockoutfighter

CindyO, you should be a lawyer.

Okkun site profile image  

6/11/10 2:47 AM by Okkun

Can someone remind me what Dana White said after Chucks loss to Shogun?I believe it was something like "he'll never fight in the UFC again". .

DKielbasa site profile image  

6/11/10 2:17 AM by DKielbasa

Dana White pic is Quentin Tarantino.../thread

RnK1026 site profile image  

6/10/10 9:33 AM by RnK1026

would that be a size 9 wide? :(Rob

CindyO site profile image  

6/10/10 4:08 AM by CindyO

 I bet a size 9 stiletto would have straightened him out=) Cindy

Roy Batty site profile image  

6/10/10 2:13 AM by Roy Batty

Randy's probably taken more "high-heel beatings" looking at how his marriages have gone!

UfcSpyGUY site profile image  

6/10/10 1:10 AM by UfcSpyGUY

 Hmmmm so what the article implies from dana's words is that Chuck was partying(drinking) too much instead of living healthy like a serious athlete should be , so he sorta had a sit down with chuck and said the only way he gets back in is if he cleans his act up?  So Tito really didn't say anything abut chuck that wasn't true right?

CindyO site profile image  

6/10/10 1:07 AM by CindyO

LOL! Then THAT'S what you should have said. The facts and my opinion remain the same, boo=)  Cindy