Helwani interviews Liddell and Franklin

source: mmafighting.com



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AngryFoamy site profile image  

6/10/10 7:24 AM by AngryFoamy

Fuck I don't want either of these guys to lose as I'm a huge fan of both. 

Revolvah site profile image  

6/10/10 5:46 AM by Revolvah

It's a very strange era for greats like him, Rich, etc. Main event draws, but arguably not main event talent anymore. I hope for the best.

Milford Cubicle site profile image  

6/10/10 5:40 AM by Milford Cubicle

True MMA fans are rooting for Chuck. TUF noobs are rooting for Franklin.

Moke site profile image  

6/10/10 5:34 AM by Moke

Man I gotta say, that Ariel Helwani is a real natural and by far the best interviewer in the biz. He should be put on UFC's payroll already.


6/10/10 3:24 AM by K-Dub-"T"

That was my first thought exactly. This is the most lucid and comprehensible he's been in like 5 years......  

knockoutfighter site profile image  

6/10/10 3:17 AM by knockoutfighter

lol at having the nerve to ask him for a abshot! I give you much respect Helwani! Always delivers the Q's the fans want to know....

CindyO site profile image  

6/10/10 2:37 AM by CindyO

 Ha! Ariel is kicking the sh!t out of most other MMA reporters in front of the camera... except The Garv... in some cases=) Cindy

Pain dont hurt site profile image  

6/10/10 2:35 AM by Pain dont hurt

Props to Chuck. I was bummed when he was all tmz'd out. Looks focused and strong now. Sure to give max effort.

hbjj site profile image  

6/10/10 2:24 AM by hbjj

sub for later

Posty Magee site profile image  

6/10/10 1:23 AM by Posty Magee

Ariel is getting to be a huge interviewer and an even huger flirt. Telling Rich his face is handsome and commenting on Chuck's abs...Mee-yow.