Tyson Griffin to fight a training partner, not a teammate

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly.com


Teammates fighting each other has become a hot button subject with UFC president Dana White lately. With so many great camps providing a home to so many great fighters, the subject is bound to come up when two teammates are in the same weight class and appear headed for a showdown.


That seemed to be the case when the match-up was announced pitting Tyson Griffin against Evan Dunham at UFC 115. The two fighters train together at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas.


"It was definitely something that got blown a little out of proportion. Evan's definitely trained here for a couple fights, and has basically moved to Las Vegas and is trying to make his home over there, but at the same time there's a difference between close teammates and just training partners," Griffin told MMAWeekly Radio. "I feel Evan was just a training partner at the time, and still is, and maybe one day I'll consider him a close teammate, but as far as now I don't consider him like that."


"Nothing personal or anything, but I've never hung out with the guy outside the gym, never drank a beer with him, never talked strategy with him," Griffin commented. "Just sparred with him like I spar with anybody else that's came in and out of the camp."


Before the fight was ever signed, Dunham called Griffin and explained that he was offered the bout, saying that he would train elsewhere for his camp, but hoped to come back to Xtreme Couture after the fight was finished.


"At the end of the day I think I would have picked up just as much watching his tapes as I would have sparring with him, but at the same time it's nice to be able to feel somebody's power, strength, size, and actually feel it out before you get in there," Griffin said.


"It doesn't really change anything."

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