Rampage: 'I'm not a sports fan'

by Terri Seymour | source: warnerbros.com

"This fight was like so much pressure," Rampage told "Extra's" Terri Seymour. "I never had this much pressure because the movie was coming out. I really wanted to beat [Evans]. I really wanted to beat him."


Rampage stars as B.A. Baracus, the role originated by Mr. T in the TV series, and said being part of the "Team" really meant a lot to him. "I was always a big fan of the 'A-Team,' and I was never a big fan of the sport I fight," he admitted. "I'm not a sports fan. I don't even watch sports. I don't even my watch the sport that I fight in, only when my friends fight."


"'The A-Team' was the only thing that I've truly been a 100 percent die hard fan of my whole life," he continued. "I almost lost my career just for this movie. It was weird I was going through the same thing [his character] B.A. was going through, where I didn't want to fight no more."

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lifeaftrprison site profile image  

6/10/10 5:35 PM by lifeaftrprison

^^^ Possible- Either way being that way has helped them sell way more.

voorhees site profile image  

6/10/10 5:31 PM by voorhees

I think you give a guy like Rampage too much credit.I dont think he is "trying"to come across as an ass.Neither were Brock,Tyson,Tito,or Floyd.I think they are being exactly what they are,and its no machination.They are obnoxious,ignorant,egomaniacs,so of course they say/do dumb shit and therefore piss people off.Its NOT an act.

lifeaftrprison site profile image  

6/10/10 5:17 PM by lifeaftrprison

Rampage is doing all of this on purpose. Same as Tito,Brock and even Mir lately. Think about it most of you will tune in to watch him get his ass kicked. Especially to the average fan guys who are shit talkers, loud mouths and assholes usually get more viewers. This is in all combat sports or combat entertainment. What are the top PPV draws in boxing/MMA? How many of them have polarizing figures? All of them! MayweatherTysonBrockTitoRampage People will tune in to watch these guys get crushed.Even in WWE the most popular guys are usually guys like this. Dont watch wrassling though.There are exceptions of course , but for the most part the biggest draws are like this.Randy is widely popular and does not draw anywhere near like those guys. The only one who does is Chuck. IMO he acts like this to piss people off. You will watch a villian and be more willing to pay and watch him lose.

Modern Day Messiah site profile image  

6/10/10 4:05 PM by Modern Day Messiah


voorhees site profile image  

6/10/10 3:59 PM by voorhees

I dont really hear any excuses coming from him.

MattBenwa site profile image  

6/10/10 3:56 PM by MattBenwa

They're also a lot less interesting when the individuals spew stupid bullshit like Rampage has been doing lately.

Chomas site profile image  

6/10/10 1:46 PM by Chomas

he's annoying

Lukaplakia14 site profile image  

6/10/10 1:36 PM by Lukaplakia14

Fights are alot less interesting if you don't know the individuals involved.

T-Ham site profile image  

6/10/10 1:23 PM by T-Ham

 The internet got all serious again. Or did it?

MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING site profile image  


*signs 'I don't like Rampage' petition*