Rampage: I like Mr. T better

by Toshitaka Kondo | source: complex.com

I love the MMA fans...BUT NOW I GET A BUNCH OF DUDES wanting to buy me drinks and take pictures like I'm a hot chick. They do weird things. Don't ask me where I live. People slap you on the back real hard—so I have to slap them on the back real hard. Dudes want to hug you. I roll around with sweaty dudes all day, I don't want to touch no dudes.

I don't even feel pressure playing B.A. Baracus. I could never be Mr. T...BUT I GET OFFENDED when people call me Mr. T. I act as a character that Mr. T played. It's one of my favorite characters in the world. I didn't try to act like Mr. T. Some people are like, "I like Mr. T better." I agree with them; I like Mr. T better, too.

I don't like my kids to watch my fights live. I would never bring them to a fight... BUT THEY WATCH IT with me later. One time I got knocked out by Wanderlei Silva and my 9-year-old was like, "Dad, was that you getting knocked out?" I said, "Nope." He was like, "That sure looked like you." He started laughing, so maybe he knew. But he let me get away with it.

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