DFW: Liddell 'gave it his last shot'

by Steven Marrocco | source: mmajunkie.com

UFC president Dana White did not get a chance to confer with former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell, as he said he would, after Saturday's UFC 115 event. Instead, Liddell went straight to the hospital after Rich Franklin knocked him out cold.

White said Thursday that if Liddell went unconscious again, the two would come to the same conclusion: it's time to hang it up.

"Yeah, and I hope he agreed tonight," the UFC president said at the post-event press conference when asked if Liddell's career is over. "I don't think he won't."

"This is what he wanted. I did what I felt I should do. He said, 'Listen, I want this; I'm going to take it serious,' and he did. What else could I say? The guy was healthy. He's seen the doctors, he's passed his (medicals)."

"I don't think there was any secret in anyone's mind – including Rich Franklin and his camp – what Chuck's gameplan was going to be tonight. Chuck fights the same way. He has a style that made him very popular (and) very famous and made him a world champion."

"At 40 years old, you don't go in with a different gameplan and do different things."

"I'll be the first one to say (that) he does not have the chin he used to have. I've been around fighters my whole life; you could have hit Chuck in a face with that pole over there, and you wouldn't knock him out. If you look at some of his earlier fights and some of the shots that he used to get hit with, (they) would have knocked any other fighter out."

"He had an incredible chin, and listen – we all turn 40. We all get old. Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball (player). It happens to everybody."

"He actually lived inside that window. "I have not one sad feeling in my body at all. We did it, and he'll always be a part of it.

"He gave it his last shot, and he went out like Chuck Liddell would: came out blasting, bombing, tried to put Rich away, and he gave the fans a good last fight with the 'Iceman.'"

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Zeke Dynasty site profile image  

6/14/10 9:03 AM by Zeke Dynasty

 thinking back on this issue, it really would be sad if he kept letting him fight and getting KO'd i don't want to see Chuck walking around like one of those old boxers, you can barely understand the guy as is.  don't ruin chuck.  let him enjoy his wealth and family. 

humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

6/14/10 8:53 AM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

Chuck's had a great career. he didn't help himself losing the last 5 of 6, but it's time to stop. in a couple years those losses will be forgotten and he can be remembered for the pioneering shit he did for MMA, and the UFC, and PRIDE.Iceman is a legend of epic proportions.

HardHittingHeeb site profile image  

6/14/10 8:50 AM by HardHittingHeeb


Smith1234 site profile image  

6/13/10 10:34 AM by Smith1234

Tito would be heavy favorite against Chack in my opinion.

Steve4192 site profile image  

6/13/10 10:15 AM by Steve4192

I don't know. I'm kind of worried Tito would knock him out cold too.  It's hard enough watching Liddell lose to classy guys like Rich & Shogun.  I would hate for my last memory of Chuck being him laid out on the canvas with Tito standing over him doing the gravedigger.  

Free Beer site profile image  

6/13/10 9:10 AM by Free Beer

awesome pic tsgigor

Andy the man site profile image  

6/13/10 9:09 AM by Andy the man

Just feed him some grapplers again.

Zeke Dynasty site profile image  

6/13/10 9:02 AM by Zeke Dynasty

 thought it was great, but why did he keep rushing in the last thirty seconds when he knew he'd been stunned on his way to the cage?  he just stayed in there, threw that tight elbow, and then POP with a real short and nicely placed fist.  had he just backed up a little bit, acknowledging that he'd been tagged on the rush - he could have lasted out the last few seconds, recouped, and came out ready to do business.  now, having armchair quarterbacked to my extent, i will say that chuck will always be held in high regard and i agree with letting him fight shito for his last fight and he WILL KO him no doubt.   great fight.

iDaz site profile image  

6/13/10 8:58 AM by iDaz

Thanks for the memories Chack