DFW sides with ref in Condit vs MacDonald stoppage

by Brian Knapp | source: sherdog.com

Down two rounds on the scorecards, Condit fed Markham a steady diet of damaging ground-and-pound until Dornan stepped in on the 20-year-old Canadian’s behalf. The final bell was just around the corner.

“I’m the first one to blast a referee or a judge for making bad calls" UFC President Dana White said. "In my opinion, referees aren’t looking at the time. They could give a s--- what time it is or how much time is left. They’re there to protect the fighters.”

“Rory’s a young guy. He’s got a lot of fights ahead of him. He took a lot of damage in that last round. I didn’t have any problem with the stoppage. It’s unfortunate when a fight stops with seconds left, but you won’t hear me bitching about that one.”

“The kid (MacDonald) looked amazing,” White said. “He’s such a young guy. This was a title fight for this kid. [Condit] is a guy who held a title, who’s been around for a long time, who has tons of big-fight experience. That kid had a lot on him tonight [fighting in his hometown]. He looked fantastic. I expect big things from him. He’s got plenty of time to work his way back up the ladder.” 

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Muzalini site profile image  

6/14/10 8:56 PM by Muzalini

 I think it was a horrible stoppage because the damage wasn't that bad and condit laid down on top of him exhausted before the ref stepped in. should have stood it back up IMO

Sex Chicken site profile image  

6/14/10 8:53 PM by Sex Chicken

Ramon Maroni - You are the biggest fucking moron on this site. Have you ever posted anything worth while?

Monsters Ball site profile image  

6/14/10 8:06 PM by Monsters Ball


fna site profile image  

6/14/10 7:20 PM by fna

He wasn't even out? How is that a glass jaw? Looked like he's got a hell of a chin to me taking all that nasty GnP from Condit and NOT going out.

pross site profile image  

6/14/10 3:31 PM by pross


Ramon Maroni site profile image  

6/14/10 1:29 PM by Ramon Maroni

if this fight ever happens, I will buy a blue name and bet u anything this fight does not end in RD1

D_S_A site profile image  

6/14/10 1:27 PM by D_S_A

it was a late stoppage

D_S_A site profile image  

6/14/10 1:27 PM by D_S_A


Foos site profile image  

6/14/10 1:26 PM by Foos

 Rory went to the hospital to check things out.  Nothing was broken.

Vicious Psycho site profile image  

6/14/10 1:25 PM by Vicious Psycho

 he showed some slick boxing, grappling, everything, hes like a fighitng robot