Claude Patrick comments on submission bonus, or lack thereof

by Claude Patrick | source: The Underground

From:  Claude Patrick
Posted: 2 hours ago
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ok so first off thanks everyone for the well wishes and support with the recent fight. Im super happy to finally be amongst the very best in the sport and can say everyone in and around the show did thier job phenomenally. Thar aside there is a once in a life time type convergence of circumstances that needs to be address that cost me a lotta money..

leading up to the fight im thinking ok well with the exception of mike pyle im probably the most dynamic submission guy on the card so i have a great chance of getting sub of the night.. after his fight ended in a triangle i was like ok i gotta do as much damage as possible and then look to hit something when ricardo was dazzed... I manage to finish the fight and the crowd showed me more than a little bit of love which is a nice change as my entire fight career i have always been the AWAY team and in many cases the villain. Now perhaps its a side effect of not having a ton of money but once i get some my hoarding instict kicked in.. i did my post fight medicals a few interviews got changed and started walking back to the hotel with my cheques. When i have cash you wont see men hanging out i gotta stash that somewhere and once thats done i cant leave it in the hotel alone so i was in my room no later than 7pm vancouver time at the expense of missing the other fights.. "I did see carlos condit and rory macdonald which was a great go so i figured fight of the night had to be that" but given the main card i was like DAMN i now am guaranteeed 85k bonus cause these guys are mostly bangers... ahh yeah!!!!

up comes mirko cro-cop and pat barry I had ZERO fear this fight would end in a submission so it wasnt event on my radar in terms of costing me this cash heheh .. but it just goes to show this thing is themost dynamic sport in the world.. mirko takes 2 knock downs and comes back to do two things totally out of character 1- submit an opponent and 2- take the mic and start talking... god damn!!!!!! right there my heart broke starting to think this man may have really got sub of the night...

in terms of technical application ill leave that up to the masses to decide but mirko is a legend in the sport and win lose or draw has put on some of the best fights ever so while i cant say im glad he took the CASH i can say if it had to be someone its not terrible that it was him :)

im resting up some pre fight injuries and back on the grind asap..
thanks people

Claude Patrick

please forgive my complete dissregard for spellcheck.

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Jay Sin site profile image  

6/16/10 11:35 PM by Jay Sin

WTF, you're from 'sauga? What highschool did you goto? I'm from Meadowvale btw.Great fight man! Looking forward to your next.

Claude Patrick site profile image  

6/16/10 11:01 PM by Claude Patrick

phillyfights,thanks for the support man im just trying to do my thing.. in terms of the cash 4 sure pre fight it crosses my mind but in the heat of the fight i dont really think much..

PhillyFights site profile image  

6/16/10 10:46 PM by PhillyFights

Yo Claude--- Great fight. I cant imagine what it's like to have 85 grand dangled in front of you and then pulled back.As a pro, is trying to get the bonuses on your mind when you're fighting? If so, do you think maybe it's a distraction, or does it help you focus or benefit you in some other way?

Claude Patrick site profile image  

6/16/10 10:37 PM by Claude Patrick

dunno if he was trying to kick my head or not and it didnt bother me at all more frustrating was the break in the flow of action. ricardo had some crazy grips and had me in this handcuff guard and once i broke one free the ref stopped it i was like DAMN.. training bigger guys like Pezao / luis cane helped a lot cause i was always having to defend subs and try to get a limb free

Ninpo Silva site profile image  

6/16/10 12:44 PM by Ninpo Silva

Agreed.But I have to say Claude, a definite contender for SOTN...great fight. Hope to see more of you in the UFC.You seem to have a great attitude about the whole thing.BTW, what did you make of that call by the ref, when he said that Funch tried to kick you while he was on his back? Did you think that was a deliberate kick or do you think he was just trying to manuever his legs for a sub?

guardbr8kr site profile image  

6/16/10 12:42 PM by guardbr8kr

Somebody get this man some sponsors!!

Telfo site profile image  

6/16/10 12:33 PM by Telfo


Grein site profile image  

6/16/10 12:25 PM by Grein

Hahah, great story.And welcome to the UFC, Claude. Looking forward to seeing you climb the WW ladder.

Dawkins site profile image  

6/16/10 12:06 PM by Dawkins

Exactly.....Submission of the night isn't about the best looking submission.

Jweinberg site profile image  

6/16/10 11:57 AM by Jweinberg

 i think Mirko's comeback in the fight, and the fashion that he did it deserved the sub of the night.