Babalu wants Henderson next


It was announced prior to Strikeforce on Wednesday night that if Renato "Babalu" Sobral defeated Robbie Lawler, he would get a shot at the light heavyweight title. The only problem with that is Babalu is close friends with and a training partner of current champion Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal.

Babalu was successful in his fight against Robbie Lawler, picking up a unanimous decision victory. But following the win, he said he won't fight his friend and called for another fight instead.

"I won't never punch and try to hurt my friends, but I would like to ask for a fight, and all the respect that I have, in the beginning of my career I fought Dan Henderson in Japan and lost to him," Babalu said.

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frankiscool site profile image  

6/17/10 12:24 PM by frankiscool

 ok, so Babalu narrowly beats a natural 185lber (or even 170er) and gets all cut up, beat up, etc....and you guys still think he can be a force at 205?

grachuss site profile image  

6/17/10 12:16 PM by grachuss

If Robbie Lawlor coudln't KO Babalu what makes you guys think Hendo will? Don't try to sell me some BS that Hendo is the better striker either.

the dazzle site profile image  

6/17/10 12:13 PM by the dazzle

 i like babulu but i see hendo knocking his head off :(

BanTheUKmmaNoobs site profile image  

6/17/10 12:11 PM by BanTheUKmmaNoobs

Babalu would have his way. Bad match up for Hendocan. Easy 30-27 decision for Babalu at whatever weight.

Ramon Maroni site profile image  

6/17/10 12:00 PM by Ramon Maroni

oh man he would knock Babalu's head clean off

Zedlepln site profile image  

6/17/10 11:35 AM by Zedlepln

Still bitter, huh?

demonbasketball04 site profile image  

6/17/10 11:33 AM by demonbasketball04

After Henderson defeats Babalu, will he get a title shot against Mo?

JJz site profile image  

6/17/10 11:25 AM by JJz

He must really not want to fight Lawl either because they're really good friends, or he knows that he can't win that fight.

MMAxNate site profile image  

6/17/10 10:49 AM by MMAxNate

Hendo by decapitation.

BanTheUKmmaNoobs site profile image  

6/17/10 10:31 AM by BanTheUKmmaNoobs

Babalu by arm triangle choke.