Finney: 'No one is expecting anything out of me'


There is one thing that Jan Finney is not; She is not afraid of current Strikeforce female middleweight champion, Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos.

“It’s going to be a war when I fight Cyborg,” says the 30-year-old. “Fighters like her try to break their opponents in the first two minutes. But when I’m standing there and firing back, I think it’s going to do something to her mentality.”

“That first time I fought it was like an out-of-body experience, like I was looking down at myself the whole time. Once I started throwing punches it got better, but there was definitely some tunnel vision and an adrenaline rush. I remember almost seeing myself doing these things, but outside of my own body, and it was like, ‘Wow, I’m fighting?’ That feeling gets a little less each time, but that rush is always still there and you can definitely see your training coming through a little more each time.”

“Cyborg has a lot more pressure on her than I do on me. Everyone expects certain things out of her, but no one is expecting anything out of me, so that just makes it easier. Plus, she’s the champ, and it’s a lot easier to climb the mountain than it is to stay at the top when everyone is gunning for you … I like being the underdog.” Needless to say, Finney’s days as the underdog could very well be over in less than a week’s time, but that’s ok with her, too. “I think I’d much rather be champion,” she says. “And that’s exactly what I’m determined to become.”

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GNPfan site profile image  

6/26/10 2:11 AM by GNPfan

Does Jan even have a small chance of winning? I would say no but I'm all for the coming out in a nice outfit idea.

AnthonyMMA site profile image  

6/26/10 12:58 AM by AnthonyMMA

I think buffy the vampire slayer will win via spike

homo sapient site profile image  

6/25/10 11:54 PM by homo sapient

jan finney is a brave woman

iTaKeRashaDsugaCane site profile image  

6/25/10 10:39 PM by iTaKeRashaDsugaCane

I really hope that Finney wins but cyborg is a monster 

YourDumbFace site profile image  

6/25/10 7:07 PM by YourDumbFace

"I'm gonna fuck you til you love me, faggot"

Ch1ef site profile image  

6/25/10 6:21 PM by Ch1ef


judobill site profile image  

6/25/10 1:52 PM by judobill

Cyborg looks like Dee Snyder minus the wig. And if you pan the photo down, you can see her erect penis.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

6/24/10 10:28 PM by ChokeEmOut

 The things i'd do to Finney..nice! Loves me them tata's.