The Punk goes off on Beerbohm

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From:  Josh Thomson  
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No body is makin anyone fight me cuz if that were the case then the last 5 opponents should of said yes or they'd be in the cage with me. Lyle Fagbohm, Shaolin, Gurgel, Ui Choel an one other who out of respect will remain nameless cuz it was offered to him last min all said no do to Lyle's vagina in the way, Shaolin (off a loss an hurt) Gurgel (hurt) Ui Cheol (didnt want fight) and the other un named fighter just needed more time to prepare so im sure we'll fight at another date.

Things dont always go the way you think, are told, etc but at the end of the day you have to remember that your a fighter so go do your fuckin job an fight. Koscheck said something that stuck with me.... you cant make money in this sport if you dont fight so just fight whoever they put infront of you. So True!

Josh Thomson

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BzGrappla site profile image  

6/27/10 1:26 AM by BzGrappla


SHORTCAKEisSIK site profile image  

6/25/10 3:29 PM by SHORTCAKEisSIK

Coker and matchmaker are morons....? And losing in Japan almost should count. They're really screwed up over there. Very scummy place to do some business. Aoki faught to survive and Lyle wanted to fight Shaolin ya know

MisterDerp site profile image  

6/25/10 3:05 PM by MisterDerp

How do you explain Lyle fighting a Shaolin coming off a loss to Aoki then?- Derp

SHORTCAKEisSIK site profile image  

6/25/10 2:50 PM by SHORTCAKEisSIK

Thank you. You hit the nail right on the head.

SHORTCAKEisSIK site profile image  

6/25/10 2:48 PM by SHORTCAKEisSIK

Scumbag? You know him? well if you do then you already know his story and what he's done in just TWO years. And you know that he's doesn't ask people he doesn't get paid for training and working with ammys. And that he NEVER isn't in there corner for support. And he runs kid classes for FREE. He does that and more because he loves it and a part of him just might feel he owes it to the his community to give back.Thomson lost his last fight. To fight Joshua it would have been on short notice with a list of injuries from training and NOT tapping to Shaolin when he almost broke his arm.Joshua if tough for sure. But he never defended the belt. He was out for WELL OVER A YEAR and lost the belt in his first chance to defend it. Lyle was supposed to fight Gil on short notice when Joshua was out with...turf toe or something during his lay off. But they went with Rodrigo Damm instead. Please from now on know what you're talking about. Tanning and working on you abs doesn't make you an expert in the MMA game and it doesn't make you a good fighter.

Employer site profile image  

6/25/10 1:51 PM by Employer

seems to me Lyle doesn't even deserve a fight with Gil unless he got through Thomson

deadlyonetwo3 site profile image  

6/25/10 1:41 PM by deadlyonetwo3

 Beerbohm's a scumbag. lol.  He accepts a fight w/Thompson, then decides to duck him and call out the champ?  LOL... the same guy who was saying FUCK STRIKEFORCE I NEED A LAWYER just a couple of days before his last fight?  Is this a joke???????  You earned a shot??? LOL... hahahahahaha You want a shot?  Earn it. You haven't earned shit.  Undefeated, against who?  You have one win.... Shoalin... and that's not Josh Thompson.  Instead of fighting, you have all these fags come on here and talk shit for you to get a shot at the belt?. lol. Thompson is 100% correct about this one.  Beerbohm got a close decision against a good fighter.... was talking all kinds of shit about Josh Thompson, calling him out and acting like he was going to fight; then pulls out of the fight and wants to come on here and call out Gil??? LOL. OK, I understand everyone wanting a title shot... but bud you clearly have business to attend to.  That said, Josh Thompson WIPES Beerbohm OUT!!!!!!!!  All shit aside, he would and we all know it!  This is a fuckin ass-whippin in the making that Beerbohm is doing his BEST to avoid... Why get his ass whipped before he gets a title shot?  Gil will break his ass in half, and he knows it.... might as well go for all the money and prestige, and take a shot at the belt before he catches an ass-whipping.  Either way an ASS-WHIPPING is on it's way to Mr. Beerbohm lol.

SHORTCAKEisSIK site profile image  

6/25/10 1:39 PM by SHORTCAKEisSIK

When was the last time Joshua smashed anyone? The gimmie non title fight (when he had the balt...) at the mansion? Strikeforce is ran by a bunch of clowns and that's why no one know that Beerbohm has fearless style matched up with crazy cardio that gives him a 14-0 with 12 finishes. Joshua only does well against Gil because they used to train together. There is a LOT to be said for that. And now he fights Healy??? WHY? And he could lose...maybe. Josh is tough. But you never see in the top companies someone that is unbeaten fight someone who has just LOST.

Jason Tornado site profile image  

6/25/10 1:26 PM by Jason Tornado

14-0 is damn good no matter how you look at it but he hasn't fought in strikeforce with a lot of exposure and not many people know who he is, so a fight with the former champ in a good slot gives him that exposure and a win guarantees him a title shot, pretty easy to understand, big fights on the main card get you money, calling out the champ and crying about your pay will notI understand that he knows Josh would smash him and his title shot will be gone so you cant blame him for trying to get straight to the title fight