Grove feels heat for Spike comments


A middleweight bout between Kendall Grove and Goran Reljic has been demoted to UFC 116's un-aired preliminary card, and a light-heavyweight fight between Seth Petruzelli and Ricardo Romero has been promoted to its slot on UFC 116's "UFC Prelims" special on Spike TV.

Grove prompted the change after the fighter openly criticized the UFC's longtime cable partner and their involvement in "The Ultimate Fighter."

Grove, who was the season-three middleweight winner of "The Ultimate Fighter" reality series, earlier this week told Tapout Radio that Spike TV officials only care about ratings and getting "as much drama and stupidity out of us" as possible with little regard for the cast members' careers.

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Grove's remarks on Tapout Radio

"Spike TV pretty much runs everything on The Ultimate Fighter. They could be sub-leasing the UFC name, but I'm sure Dana and the UFC are getting a nice little pay check from Spike but other than that, Spike runs the thing. Dana doesn't choose who's going to be on the show, it's Spike executives."

"Even when I was on there in the earlier seasons, they were picking a couple guys with funny personalities. I'm pretty sure I got on there not because of my good looks, but because I had a pretty good personality."

"Everything is ratings to these guys. Just like that season where they shot [expletive] inside the fruit...people do that stuff. Why? Because of ratings. Is it a health violation? Yeah, but did you see the Spike TV people stop that from happening? It sells ratings and that's all they care about. They could give two [expletives] about our career."

"They just care about the six-weeks that they're shooting and get as much drama and stupidity out of us. That's all we are to them is cattle and sheep. They way they run things, they're slowly controlling us to be like that."

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PrettyBoy site profile image  

6/26/10 6:57 PM by PrettyBoy


Mmanizzle site profile image  

6/26/10 6:34 PM by Mmanizzle

I partially agree with Kendall - a friend of mine who trains at Minnesota Mixed Martial Arts Academy tried out for the lightweights and was nixed and he was a  much better fighter than the guys on the show...  A lot of guys get turned down for various reasons whether it being conflicting schedules, other commitments, etc...  Of course Spike cares about ratings...  Dana used Kimbo to beef up ratings...

panic686 site profile image  

6/26/10 4:02 PM by panic686

I hope you are right

novaguy site profile image  

6/26/10 3:52 PM by novaguy

yeah, FUCK spike!!!How dare they think that they should have any type of input on a product that they broadcast on their own channel!!!!Who the fuck do they think they are?!?!?!?Fuck em!!!

DSaint site profile image  

6/26/10 2:16 PM by DSaint

I don't feel the least bit sorry for him. He should have known better than to run his mouth publicly like that.

Brian Rule site profile image  

6/26/10 12:17 PM by Brian Rule

Kendall should know better, this really sucks most for Goran. Hopefully if he wins it'll be aired

Ramsey site profile image  

6/26/10 12:11 PM by Ramsey

Especially when you're not that good to begin with.

Poindexter site profile image  

6/26/10 11:42 AM by Poindexter

 I got Romero in this one.

Badmonkey site profile image  

6/26/10 11:17 AM by Badmonkey

Grove is lucky to be on the card int the first place.

orcus site profile image  

6/26/10 11:14 AM by orcus

"why are they keeping grove in the ufc this long anyway. he sucks"He's very good and always exciting. It's only his chin and defense that are lacking.