Gracies break down the Werdum triangle


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bjjdna site profile image  

7/3/10 4:33 PM by bjjdna

all of rorion's boys are awesome both on and off the mati don't agree with everything rorion's said and done...but he's a good man responsible for revolutionizing martial arts.rorion put mma on the map, introduced the world to gjj/bjj and the importance of ground/sub fighting...not to mention creating jobs and putting food on the table for manywrestlers that have dedicated their lives to the sport finally have a way to make money grapplingthe gracie haters would still be breaking boards if not for rorion and his visiontaking nothing away from marc but laimon won against ryron by points...imo ryron wins if the match continuesand it's not as easy as you think to "just circle to the right and pull your arm out" against someone like werdumyou don't make a mistake and get caught in the first place against someone as skilled as werdum...or you're going to sleep or tap

RobbieH site profile image  

7/3/10 1:54 PM by RobbieH

Of course they have Portuguese accents, their entire family is from Brazil.. lol When you are exposed to the accent growing up it sticks with you, hell even adults that go into the Military who have never lived in the south come back with slight Southern Accents, I know several guys from states like WA, NY etc that went in Service and now have slight accents from being immersed with guys from those states for years.

xakx site profile image  

7/1/10 2:34 PM by xakx


Wasa-B site profile image  

7/1/10 2:26 PM by Wasa-B

"I don't think so"Exactly. That is nothing more than your opinion of what you say happening and even more, what thought might have happened next.And lol at "no relation at all to the fence." Dude, that is a reach. Enough. Werdum wins by submission. Fact.Fedor hits the cage. Fact.Insert your opinion of what you thought happened next.

mrzipplokk site profile image  

7/1/10 1:50 PM by mrzipplokk

 Rener and Ryron are great.

paw site profile image  

7/1/10 1:42 PM by paw

 really nice breakdown

musclegarden site profile image  

7/1/10 12:50 PM by musclegarden

I'm glad they still kind of have Portuguese accents, makes it seem more authentic, ya know?Cool breakdown, but like above poasters I thought Werdum set it up with that cool rolling sweep thing.

Golden Arm site profile image  

7/1/10 12:13 PM by Golden Arm

The boys were very respectful, no condescension or trying to "steal" anyone else's glory.

Ghengiseanie site profile image  

7/1/10 11:16 AM by Ghengiseanie

 I agree with your sarcasm, they were wholly respectful.

Golden Arm site profile image  

7/1/10 11:03 AM by Golden Arm

Lol, Ausgepicht is a notorious Gracie-hater. In fact, he hates all things pertaining to BJJ, especially in the gi and especially Gracie-related or BJ Penn-related. If you train in BJJ and are at all loyal or sympathetic one iota to a Brazilian team or instructor, he will call you a Brazilian Jim Jones cult member or koolaid drinker. He will also call you that if you think the garage wrestlers trying to re-create catch wrestling from books or videos are wasting their time, when there are legit BJJ or Judo schools nearby.