Lytle: 'We’ll see who is toughest'

by Brett C. Jones | source:

Death. Taxes. Great Chris Lytle fights. These are three of life’s guarantees.

When it comes to post fight awards, Lytle is the most decorated fighter in the UFC. With a total of seven awards – four fight of the night awards, two submission of the night awards, and one knockout of the night award – Lytle has received more recognition from the UFC brass than Tyson Griffin (6) or Clay Guida (4), and as many as Middleweight champion Anderson Silva (5) and Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre (2) combined. If you want to book an exciting match, better call Lytle.

For all of his entertaining encounters in the Octagon, Lytle remains haunted by one fight. In the finale of season four of The Ultimate Fighter against Matt Serra, Lytle knew the significance of a victory: A UFC contract, a title shot, and new endorsement opportunities.

It led Lytle to play things safe, to fight not to lose. In doing so, Lytle lost more than he had ever or, in his estimation, will ever lose in his career.

“I lost that split decision against Matt Serra and that was huge,” Lytle said. “He won the title after that, he won the hundred thousand dollar contract, sponsorship, and I didn’t get hardly anything out of that. I already know no matter what that I already lost more than I’m going to on my next fight if I lose, so that’s not even a thought in my head anymore.”

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dflex site profile image  

6/29/10 2:44 PM by dflex

This should be a good one

spontonio site profile image  

6/29/10 2:37 PM by spontonio

He's my pick.

Boldar site profile image  

6/29/10 2:02 PM by Boldar

Awesome, going to be a great fight.

MetaDevil site profile image  

6/29/10 1:53 PM by MetaDevil

For a guy that has as many fights against really tough guys as he does (and losses), that he's never been finished outside of a cut stoppage is spectacular. Always a fan of Lytle fights. Tough as nails.

Jeff W site profile image  

6/29/10 1:43 PM by Jeff W

Lytle is great for the sport.

Fighting site profile image  

6/29/10 12:25 PM by Fighting

I love both these dudes, gotdamn, this better live up to what I think it's gonna be. Fight of the YEAR possibilities.

dnwsr site profile image  

6/29/10 12:18 PM by dnwsr

Lytle is always fun to watch. He's tough as hell and has very solid skill set to go with it.

Voodoo site profile image  

6/29/10 11:49 AM by Voodoo

Chris is an exciting fighter and a hellava nice guy too

awilson82 site profile image  

6/29/10 11:47 AM by awilson82

 Awesome article and I hope Lylte beats Brown again. Hers a great quote from then end of the article: "“I would say it’s not just Georges St. Pierre, but it’s all champions and all fighters who get up there in the rankings. Everybody starts fighting not to lose. They’re not fighting to win; they’re fighting to not lose. I think a lot of the top guys are doing that because there’s so much on the line. You win this fight, you’re going to be the champion, you’re going to get lots of money, you’re going to get lots of this and that.  And if you lose, the next fight you might be on the undercard, so I understand that there’s lots of pressure. I fell victim to that once.” For Lytle, once was enough. Win or lose at UFC 116, he’ll fight his fight. He’ll fight to win, and let caution be damned."