MMA approval stripped from budget bill in New York

by Kelsey Philpott | source:

Kenneth Lovett of the NY Daily News reported earlier this week that a bill to regulate MMA has been removed from the New York state budget proposal that’s been sitting in the Assembly since April.

The article cites Assemblyman Steven Englebright, a supporter of MMA, as saying that there wasn’t enough support for the bill’s inclusion in the proposal.

Payout Perspective:

There are two separate bills running through New York government:

* The first is an individual bill running through the Assembly and Senate. This is the bill that recently passed through the Senate and is now awaiting two votes from the Assembly.
* The second is a bill that was coupled with the state budget proposal in April. This bill has since been removed by the Assembly.

Unfortunately, it looks as though time has once again run out on MMA in New York. The two different votes needed to completely pass the bill in the Assembly will likely not come as the 2010 session has ended and only continues due to the fact that the budget has yet to pass.

This is the second time that an MMA bill has stalled in the middle of the legislative process. Last year a bill made it all the way through the Assembly, but failed to pass through the Senate before the end of session. This time the situation is the reverse.

It would appear as though the bill will return to the Tourism Committee next year for another vote and repeat the process over again. That is unless, by some tiny chance, that the Assembly addresses the current MMA bill while in its emergency session

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Kneeblock site profile image  

7/3/10 7:35 AM by Kneeblock

 It will Brian and I'm personally going to make sure it does.

Morgz site profile image  

6/30/10 8:33 PM by Morgz

Someone should have Garv speaking in front of the NY State Assembly

KahL site profile image  

6/30/10 5:33 PM by KahL

 This is so damn frustrating. Really x-( This State probably won't legalize it for a VERY long time. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Crazy Zimmerman site profile image  

6/30/10 5:00 PM by Crazy Zimmerman


bcolflesh site profile image  

6/30/10 4:58 PM by bcolflesh

I'm thinking "homoerotic sport" would put it over in NY.

Morgz site profile image  

6/30/10 4:11 PM by Morgz

 I don't think anyone on here would argue that.  However, the fact that it is still used as the forefront adjective to describe the sport is just sad.  It is much more than just "violent sport".  So is boxing. So is Ice Hockey.  Until they label it as something other than just a "violent sport", NY wil not get legalized live events.

Brian McLaughlin site profile image  

6/30/10 4:08 PM by Brian McLaughlin

I've accepted the fact that MMA won't ever happen in NY, its best that others do the same.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

6/30/10 3:57 PM by PrettyBoy

 When is Christian Darrow fighting again?

ajl416az site profile image  

6/30/10 3:47 PM by ajl416az

it is violent.  anyone who disagrees is just plain lying.  the only important part is that those old buffoons call it a sport. because there's no reason a sport should be illegal. unless the Assembly contains a ton of incompetent idiots, or people who profit from it being illegal.  i'm 100% sure that both are true, since it is politics after all

Morgz site profile image  

6/30/10 3:42 PM by Morgz

 And very unfortunate.