Sotiropoulus will fight anyone


As the judges rendered their decision, the more than 17,000 in attendance at UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia were abuzz. They were hopeful, confident even, that they had witnessed the triumphant return of their native son. As the scores were read and the winner was announced, the crowd erupted in elated screams and boisterous cheers. Australia’s own, George Sotiropoulos, had not only won, but had staked his claim as a contender in the meat grinder that is the UFC’s lightweight division.

At least, that was the prevailing assumption. In fact, while Sotiropoulos is happy to fight the best of the best, he feels that his work toward becoming a contender is incomplete.

“I think I need to fight a few more guys to have a true comparison to other [top] guys in the division,” Sotiropoulos said. “I think there are guys out there who have had more fights with bigger named opponents than what I’ve had, but I think I stack up against anyone in the division. I think I stack up against all the top guys in the division. I have legit skills, I have a legit record, I’ve put my time in. I just need to prove on the UFC scorecard that I can do it.”

The victory over Joe Stevenson certainly put big points on Sotiropoulos’ UFC scorecard, which is officially unblemished in five fights. For an encore, he’ll face Kurt Pellegrino at UFC 116, against whom Sotiropoulos will have the opportunity to defeat one of the fighters with more fights against bigger named opponents and a healthy four fight win streak of his own.

“I would have to say he’s of equal caliber to Stevenson,” Sotiropoulos said. “They’re almost identical fighters with some minor differences; the differences being that Pellegrino is probably the faster and more agile fighter of the two, whereas Stevenson is probably more powerful and I think Stevenson’s boxing is more aggressive than Pellegrino’s. Both come from the wrestling mold, they both rely on wrestling and that’s what they resort to in times of need.”

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cytribe site profile image  

6/30/10 9:26 AM by cytribe

War Sotiropoulos!

HOWtasteMYbigPP site profile image  

6/30/10 9:20 AM by HOWtasteMYbigPP

Sotiropoulus and Pellegrino are the two most underrated lightweights in my opinion. This fight should be the co-main event now that Wanderlei is out. Either way I have no doubt this will be a very entertaining fight and could get FOTN if Lytle/Brown doesn't.

NHBDaddy site profile image  

6/30/10 8:07 AM by NHBDaddy

I think George takes this. Gonna be plenty of action, both dudes like to push the pace, someone's gonna get tapped imo not a KO

Leigh site profile image  

6/30/10 5:53 AM by Leigh

i'm always excited when george is fighting - he's great fun to watchalso a batman fan, so really looking forward to this one

EPGScott site profile image  

6/30/10 4:44 AM by EPGScott

That was awesome...That crowd was the best I have ever seen and I have been to a lot of fights.

Jericco site profile image  

6/30/10 4:37 AM by Jericco

I believe its a test for both fighters, should be a good fight.

crazydave site profile image  

6/30/10 4:02 AM by crazydave

George will win.

OzLoco site profile image  

6/30/10 2:42 AM by OzLoco

Being in the crowd at 110 was one of the coolest experiences I've had - crowd went ballistic for George. Can't wait to see him in action again.

Brian McLaughlin site profile image  

6/30/10 1:53 AM by Brian McLaughlin

 George is soooo right about preparing for MMA.  When I wanted to learn wrestling I went to a wrestling club, when I learned to box I went to a boxing gym, and when I learned BJJ I went to a jiu-jitsu school. At my gym I've brought in experts in each field and we have several classes every week in each discipline.  However, all the guys off the street want to just show up to the "MMA Class".  They don't want to learn pummeling in the wrestling class, head movement in the boxing class, how to posture in the BJJ class - they just want to "throw down".  Its beyond enraging