Rampage doesn't want to fight Machida

by Rampage Jackson | source: twitter.com

Cause my last fight was boring,and homeboy's Karate style is(no offence )REALY boring,I wanna give MY fans a great fight next

(Rashad Evans) was pulling my damn shorts,I tried my damnedest to ko him,sometime things don't work out,trying to get someone who will bang next... This sport is growing so fast,I'm scared it's gonna be like boxing,were people just wanna win on points,and nobody go 4it anymore.

yall need 2 shut the hell up about me ducking people! u r the type of fans i hate! u dont know what the hell u r talking about,he got no belt and is boring,my last fight was boring,so i want a exciting fight next 4 my fans,then Machida and i can fight,so shut the f*ck up!

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thefightingsheep site profile image  

7/1/10 10:00 PM by thefightingsheep

Machida is a terrible matchup for Rampage--probably the worst.  Machida has too much speed and movement for a guy who plods in trying to land one big punch.  I don't know if Machida can finish him or not, but Rampage wouldn't land a significant shot all night.

Arecsa site profile image  

7/1/10 11:17 AM by Arecsa

If I was Rampage I wouldn't want to fight Machida either, he'd get utterly smoked by Machida.

Swick site profile image  

7/1/10 10:38 AM by Swick

Winner of Rampage/Lil Nog vs. Forrest? Love it. That Winner vs. Rich? Sounds like a Nice Run to a title shot for whoever it is.

Jack Skellington site profile image  

6/30/10 9:16 PM by Jack Skellington

 Rampage would lose facing Dragon

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

6/30/10 9:15 PM by ranier wolfcastle

sounded like an interesting fight, but i do wonder if machida wil be more cautious and illusive after shoguns revenge

OzJitsu site profile image  

6/30/10 9:14 PM by OzJitsu

Anyone else think Rampage should get the hell out of the Wolfslair and get to a camp where he's not so one dimensional anymore?

slamming site profile image  

6/30/10 8:45 PM by slamming

 http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum_framed.posts&forum=1&thread=1665443&page=1&pc=2 Rumours are Rampage-Nogueira in september.

FCFBlazer site profile image  

6/30/10 8:44 PM by FCFBlazer

 set up rematch vs forrest so forrest can prove it wasn't a fluke!

fob site profile image  

6/30/10 8:20 PM by fob

Quiting Jackson tucking. Typical of loudmouth bullies though.

lookoutawhale site profile image  

6/30/10 6:53 PM by lookoutawhale

Rampage has become boring lately. Since training at Wolfslair hes becomes this one dimensional puncher who doesnt use takedowns, wrestling, muay thai etc. He made the rashad fight boring by not doing anything.  Hes become a lazy fighter.