Lytle looking for eighth bonus, fifth straight

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A full-time Indianapolis firefighter by day, Chris Lytle's never been knocked out or submitted. His only stoppage losses have been TKO stoppages due to cuts.One of the UFC's longest standing veterans, he has won bonus awards in four straight matches and seven of his last nine. But Lytle told MMA Fighting on Wednesday he's not ready to change his nickname just yet.

"Maybe if I get to the 10 bonus point, I can start thinking about that. But you've got to at least get to double digits first."

"I come at it with the attitude, my last eight or nine fights, that I'm just going to come after the guy. I'm not going to try to win a decision – I'm actually coming out to try to stop the guy. So it's good to see that the UFC is recognizing that and rewarding me for that."

"I have a feel for how he (Brown) fights, but I think he's a much different fighter since the first time I fought him (Lytle won via guillotine in the first round at a local Indiana event three years ago), but said any expectations left over from that bout go out the window for this one. He's done a lot, he's trained a lot harder, he's got a lot more experience in big fights. And that's a huge thing – you really can't measure that enough. The most important thing in my mind is that experience."

"People kind of thought I was one-dimensional and all I could do is throw punches the whole time. But I've been working a long time on every aspect of fighting. That (Submission of the Night win at UFC 110 in Sydney) kind of let people know that I do do lots of different things, and then some people went back and looked at my other fights. I think when I do that, it makes my standup fighting better because people can't just defend against punches. They have to worry about different aspects of my game. I like to try a little bit of everything."

"In my opinion, he's (Brown) the kind of person who's just going to say, 'Ya know what? I'm not going to let him take me down, and I'm just going to come after him the whole time.' And that's what I kind of like about his fighting style. He's going to be able to out-tough people and go through them, and that's one of the reasons I was excited about getting this fight."

"My gameplan usually lasts about eight or nine seconds until people start getting hit, and then it kind of goes out the window. But I'm just going to go out there and try to get a fight and whatever happens, happens. The last fight, I didn't plan on doing a kneebar, but it presented itself. I'm just going to fight, and if something presents itself, I'm going to take it. So just go all out and try to end the fight in any way possible as soon as possible."

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B0NESAW site profile image  

7/1/10 4:54 PM by B0NESAW

Lytle is such a solid fighter. Great hands, great ground game, iron chin.. One of my favorites to watch, for sure

Lastley site profile image  

7/1/10 4:51 PM by Lastley

 Lytle is a rare breed. He's exciting! He's not worried about a "legecy". He's not dancing around claiming he did so because he felt insulted. He's not wasting my money or my time, being satisfied with a UD. He's a fighter. He wants to fight. And he wants to finish. I am a fan for as long as he stays in the game. I think he should be able to pull both a W and and bonus come saturday.

demonbasketball04 site profile image  

7/1/10 11:43 AM by demonbasketball04

Lytle has always been one of my favorite fighters to watch.Win or lose, I'm a fan for life.