Kang vs Filho in Australia on July 18

by David Herbert | source: buddhasport.com

Dave Herbert: What has been going on in your fighting life since you lost the UFC gig? I know you are coming fresh off a submission win over Dae Won Kim about two weeks ago.

Denis Kang: Yeah, I fought about 10 days ago here in Montreal. A promotion called Warrior One MMA. I won pretty quick. Before that I was supposed to fight Vernon White for Impact FC, but I got injured.

DH: So you can fight for both W1 and Impact FC?

Kang: Yes. I am not tied down to any one organization and that's how I want it for now. I want the freedom to fight for any promotion I want; a freelancer fighter so-to-speak.

DH: Has anybody made any offers or shown interest?

Kang: On an international level, yeah. It's been very hard to turn down some of the offers that I have gotten but they are for exclusive contracts and that is not what I'm looking for at the moment.

DH: You have a big fight coming up soon don't you?

Kang: I'm fighting Paulo Filho on July 18th as my second fight for Warrior One.

DH: Where are you training these days? Do you still go to ATT down in Coconut Creek?

Kang: I'm training locally here in Montreal for now. I get to train with GSP pretty steadily. I'm having alot of issues with my visa, so it's hard to make it down to the states but when I do, I always try to make it down there. I'm coming to NYC in August to train with Kru Phil Nurse at The Wat.

DH: I'm sure you've been asked this a million times. What happened in that second round of the Bisping fight? Some people say you were gassed, others say you just got rocked. Care to set the record straight?

Kang: I overtrained. I just overdid it and went into the fight feeling tired and sluggish. I felt ok in the first round when i knocked him down, but then it went downhill from there. This, of course, is all my doing. I should've known better.

DH: Why exactly were you released from the UFC? Was it the Bisping loss or was your contract up?

Kang: I really don't know to be honest. That was all my management. I just try to move on and not let it bother me.

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7/18/10 11:47 AM by DennisinRio


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7/18/10 11:06 AM by Titanium Rhino

ttt for Kang.

Titanium Rhino site profile image  

7/17/10 2:34 PM by Titanium Rhino

War Kang!

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7/17/10 3:57 AM by Elvis

He was only a pound off... he must've made it by now...

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7/17/10 12:47 AM by BJJkilla

filho still hasn't made weight....

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7/17/10 12:25 AM by Rappy Gilmore

 50% Filho beats current day Kang

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7/16/10 11:16 PM by Hessian

KANG !!!

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7/16/10 8:03 PM by Elvis

Impact FC Lojak Official Afterparty @ Home Niteclub Sunday Night! Come on down! http://www.facebook.com/elvis.sinosic#!/event.php?eid=102970186422859&ref=mf

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7/15/10 5:59 PM by Ocean6

Kang must be desperate.Why possibly (very strong possibility) waste your whole camp, get no payday, and then have to start trying to find another fight?Reeks of desperation.

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7/15/10 5:57 PM by guardbr8kr

Kang !!!