Soares on Sonnen: God bless him. Good. Keep talking

by John Morgan | source:

UFC champion Anderson SilvaSilva's manager, Ed Soares, told Radio that he doesn't take offense at Middleweight contender Chael Sonnen's attacks, even though he's been targeted in some of the tirades.

"As far as Chael talking all the crap that he's talking, hey, Chael kind of struck a nerve that people are paying attention to. Unfortunately, before he started talking about Anderson, no one really paid attention to Chael. Now that he talks about Anderson, people are paying attention to him. God bless him. Good. Keep talking."

"A lot of people talk about Anderson Silva. A lot of people talk about what they're going to do to him. This isn't the first time, and I'm sure it's not going to be the last time people say what they're going to do to Anderson Silva once they get in the ring. That's great. Before the fight, everyone has a mouth, and you can say what you want. But for some strange reason, when the octagon door closes, and you're standing across from Anderson Silva, a lot of those things that you're saying kind of go right out the door."

"Maybe Chael's got a different strategy or something different, but I think it's going to end up like the rest of the people who have talked about it. Chael said he's going to put him on his back – [Anderson] has never fought a fighter like that. Well, maybe he hasn't fought an exact fighter like Chael, but he's fought some great wrestlers such as Dan Henderson, and he submitted him."

"The truth of the matter is I can guarantee you that Chael has never fought a guy like Anderson Silva. Never. Not even close. He can talk all he wants. Let's just keep promoting this fight, and on Aug. 7, we'll see who walks out with the belt."

"To be honest with you, I actually like Chael. He's always been really cool, but he's taking this thing really personal. That's OK. Whatever he's got to do to get in his mind to motivate him to really want to fight Anderson."

"Hey, a fight's a fight, and anything can happen. Good luck to Chael. I like Chael. He's not a bad guy. He's promoting the fight. If he's got to make this personal to get him motivated to fight, I want to see Chael."

"I want Chael to be the best Chael he's ever been because I know Anderson is going to be, and that way there's no excuses. May the best man win."

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WalBo23 site profile image  

7/9/10 1:42 AM by WalBo23

I dont think i can see a shoot wrestler like chael sonnen getting a whole lot of takedowns on Silva. In chaels fights he just doesn't set up the takedown, he just goes for it. That has NEVER worked on Silva.

T-Ham site profile image  

7/7/10 6:11 PM by T-Ham

 Soares spoke alot of truth in that interview. Alot of truth.

louden swain site profile image  

7/7/10 6:08 PM by louden swain

"Dan's a great mma wrestler. He picks and chooses when to use it as he also has big right hand power. He got Silva downbut because of Silva's skill and lenght he couldn't do much. The only thing Chael may have better than Hendo is cardio. "I thin their both great mma wrestlers but totally different... Dan has almost avoided wrestling in MMA as of late (probably because it gasses him out) and doesn't shoot much..Chael shoots constantly...thats where he could pose a huge threat to Silva... constantly shooting and taking down... that can wear down Silva

theppfftt site profile image  

7/7/10 6:07 PM by theppfftt

Here's where i see Sonen's problem..let's just say he takes Anderson down as he says he will.okay comes Anderson's very active guard.not like Nate' offense to Nate it's just that anderson's guard is way more active.he's gonna make Sonnen move forsure with elbow's,sweep attempt's and everything else.i see Sonnen getting subbed.if not KO'd matter what i personally give sonnen 0% chance in this one..and i don't hate the dude or anything.he speaks his mind and the truth about alot of stuff.

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

7/7/10 6:05 PM by I AM A MOFO

Lutter said he tapped because he was about to go to sleep from the triangle.I'll take his word for it.

eljamaiquino site profile image  

7/7/10 6:03 PM by eljamaiquino

That's not what Lutter said...

brahmabull81 site profile image  

7/7/10 5:41 PM by brahmabull81

Damn this Anderson Soares guy is fuckin boss!!He just tells it like it is and would kick ANY of these guys asses he talks down about. Guys a beast. He may look like a turtle but looks are deceiving. This guy is the most badass translator of all time! Not only does he leave out any weak honesty in his translations, he even injects some of his badass attitude into their responses.

flyingtoehold site profile image  

7/7/10 5:29 PM by flyingtoehold

I challenge you to a grappling match ED!!!!!!!!!  Don't punk out on me buddy I'm a white belt with 2 stripes!!!!!!!!!!!!

LacticAcidBuildup site profile image  

7/7/10 5:12 PM by LacticAcidBuildup

I think he's refering to the style of wrestling.Hendo has a greco style, while Sonnen's is more freestyle/collegiate.

LacticAcidBuildup site profile image  

7/7/10 5:08 PM by LacticAcidBuildup

I remember specifically Lutter saying that he did NOT tap to the strikes, but it was the triangle that eventually caught up to him.I guess he could be lying, but it takes more balls (i would imagine) for a grappler like Lutter to admit he was choked out.