Pellegrino not retiring, wants 'big' UFC fight in Dec.

by Steven Marrocco | source:

"I'm so sorry I lost the fight – to all my fans – but I don't want to go out that way," Pellegrino today told

"I want to fight in December. If I can fight in December, that will give me enough time to go through the surgery, to heal my leg and get ready to fight."

"If you watch the fight, he knocks me down. As he jumps on top of me, he pushed me over my leg, and you can see me holding my left knee as he was punching me in the face.

"I have no idea how I was able to fight through that – just by the grace of God and the will to where I tell people I'll never tap. I think it was just that will that kept me going."

"I was completely healed from my injury; the doctors all cleared me, and I was ready to go. That's why I fought. George completely, 100 percent won the fight. If I didn't get knocked down, I wouldn't have re-tore my meniscus. But I got knocked down, so that was a credit to George and a discredit to me."

"I will not keep my head down for too long. I used that retirement for motivation, but there's still huge fights for me in the UFC. I'm looking to have a big fight, win the big fight, and get right back into the title picture."

"Kenny (Florian) is one of my heroes, and when he lost for the title against B.J., he went and fought Gomi in his next fight. That put him right back into it. I would like to follow the same footsteps as my mentor."

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Recent Comments »

mmarkrobinson site profile image  

7/9/10 5:24 AM by mmarkrobinson

Glad to hear that hes not out and i hope to see him fight again soon. I think a fight between him and Randy Couture would be cool.Batman vs Capt America. just kidding.War Pellegrino

SpiderRicco site profile image  

7/8/10 11:34 PM by SpiderRicco

Not a Pellegrino fan at all, now that I got that out of the way I still think he puts on an exciting fight.

JohnSpittlehouse site profile image  

7/8/10 8:54 PM by JohnSpittlehouse

Sorry if this seems like nitpicking, but, "just by the grace of God and the will to where I tell people I'll never tap", sounds a little odd coming from someone who tapped out to Drew Fickett and Nate Diaz.That said, I hope that Batman comes back well in his next fight.

informer24 site profile image  

7/8/10 8:33 PM by informer24

You and I both know Machida was getting fucked all the way up.

GriffinQ site profile image  

7/8/10 8:25 PM by GriffinQ

Florian's fight after BJ was against Guida, not Gomi.

Cant_Land_Head_kicks site profile image  

7/8/10 8:23 PM by Cant_Land_Head_kicks

 Unless you lost fighting for the title or were already in contention.

KissMisery site profile image  

7/8/10 8:10 PM by KissMisery

You can't EXPECT a big fight AFTER you lose.This isn't Strikeforce, Kurt.

OzLoco site profile image  

7/8/10 7:59 PM by OzLoco

Classy guy. Enjoyed his fight at 116. Hope he gets back.

EvilMaster site profile image  

7/8/10 7:32 PM by EvilMaster

Good stuff. He is still at the top of his game.

Jetster site profile image  

7/8/10 7:30 PM by Jetster

Man all u douchbags on this thread!!!BatMan is straight up and nothing wrong with what he says..seems like this thread has attracted all the Underground IDIOTS!!! excluding myself of course F@ckers!!!ttt for BatMan a real warrior!!!!