Serra vs. Lytle rematch at UFC 119


A welterweight rematch between Chris Lytle (29-17-5 MMA, 8-9 UFC) and Matt Serra (11-6 MMA, 7-6 UFC) will be featured on the main card of the as-yet-unannounced UFC 119 event. ( has learned from sources close to the promotion that both fighters have agreed to the matchup, and bout agreements are expected to be finalized shortly.

UFC 119 takes place Sept. 25 at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

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Mark Hunter site profile image  

9/1/10 8:18 AM by Mark Hunter

I just wanted to come back and bitch again about this fight. With all the talent in the 170 lb. division, why would the UFC put these two against each other, after they've already fought once????? I like both fighters, and don't want to see either guy take an "L" on his record. Serra, especially, really has nothing to gain . . .

jjj2121 site profile image  

7/12/10 4:23 PM by jjj2121

Me neither!

LilHeathen site profile image  

7/12/10 4:22 PM by LilHeathen

 I can't wait!

cusandmike site profile image  

7/12/10 4:10 PM by cusandmike

Guillard/Stephans will be nuts.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

7/12/10 1:28 PM by JimmersonzGlove

LOL why? Because the first one was so awesome?

bryanlaiko site profile image  

7/12/10 1:19 PM by bryanlaiko

Honestly, while this is entertaining, the UFC is misusing their talents, it seems like everyone good is fighting someone just a little off their level. I would like to see KAMPMAN VS. Hardy, Nate Marquardt VS. Vitor belfort, Micheal Bisping VS. Alan Belcher, Paulo Thaigo VS. Chris Lytle, and if only Daley had fought anthony johnson instead of KOS, I mean did the guy really earn that fight anyway, only a few fights in and he's fighting the #1 contender, and after gsp hardy, why did they make the same mistake and put a british kick boxer against a wrestler, we all wanted him to fight a real legit striker to show off how good he was standing, not struggle to learn wrestling against an all american, then can you really blame him for getting frustrated at the end. It's bullshit, we got screwed out of some really good fights, just because the UFC matchmakers are semi retards, their is no ryhm or reason for half the fights that get put on, anything good like Akiyama Leben is an accident, please, if you agree with me, lets make some noise, the fans want to see competitive fights, with fighters who can compare to each other in skill and experience.

timmyfront site profile image  

7/11/10 6:20 PM by timmyfront

me likey that fight.both have done well since that fight so this rematch isn't really a stretch.

Mark Hunter site profile image  

7/11/10 10:34 AM by Mark Hunter

I would've preferred to see both guys get fights with someone they haven't fought before. Serra really has nothing to gain if he wins.

awilson82 site profile image  

7/11/10 12:33 AM by awilson82

 Im glad Lytle gets his chance at redemption and a step up in competition. I think this fight will go differently. Cant wait Ill be there!

doerksenfan site profile image  

7/10/10 10:45 PM by doerksenfan

Thought it would be Lytle vs. Swick for some reason, but this is good too. Hopefully this turns out the way we all wanted the first time. Funny thing is that Lytle's more "fan-friendly" style, where he's throwing huge overhands practically from the floor, has left him a lot more open, maybe for a Serra right hand.