Aoki: 'I knew I couldn't win without breaking a bone'


Speaking via SportsNavi, Aoki said:

“When I grabbed him, I felt that I could finish it… When I caught him and tried to submit him, I heard a loud crackle sound. He did not tap so I thought ‘Ok, this match just became a death-fight’ and I was going to destroy his leg. I knew Kawajiri never taps so I could not win without breaking his bone. I was hoping for an open-fracture. No one could have endured [that submission] like Kawajiri. His heart is iron.”

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2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

7/13/10 5:06 PM by 2JupitersTooMany

I'm disappointed with the mediocre ownage in this thread

Wasa-B site profile image  

7/13/10 5:04 PM by Wasa-B

I dont think its very complicated.You are supposed to crank it until your opponent taps or ref stops you.Even if he broke something but KJ did not tap and he let go, KJ still had a puncher's chance. Aoki did the right thing, the only thing. KJ is a pro and it was up to him when to tap.

The_Canadianator site profile image  

7/13/10 4:52 PM by The_Canadianator

 ^ dude. wussup with your post count. What is it like to still live with your mum?

I ate my mom's abortion site profile image  

7/13/10 4:47 PM by I ate my mom's abortion

 wow you sure owned him, much lols were had at that uber pwnage.

lionsoul site profile image  

7/13/10 4:43 PM by lionsoul

LMAO.... "I am a BJ fan... I don't even like GSP." "Take me seriously!"   "Look at me!!!  Look at ME!" - Ausgepicht (I make my OWN koolaid!)

ausgepicht site profile image  

7/13/10 4:29 PM by ausgepicht

You know I am correct, that's why you didn't address my post at all. You are just upset that your deity got put in his place and can't handle it. I'm sure you'd place an IED near my house, or take a backpack bomb into a market that I shopped at if you could. Your deity never was and never will be PBP, that's tough to swallow and hence your bitterness. As a BJ fan, you should be used to disappointment.  

Tgrimpe site profile image  

7/12/10 11:09 PM by Tgrimpe

"Lesson of the day:<br /><br />If Aoki gets hold of one of your limbs and there is even the slightest doubt in your mind that you are not getting out ... tap.<br /><br />No need to shorten your career because of your ego/iron heart.<br /><br />This kids cracking more bones than a damn KFC factory! <br /><br The KFC part is gold!

Average site profile image  

7/12/10 6:05 PM by Average

To be honest, that foot was in so much shit during these attacks, a broken foot is the BEST he could've gotten. A popped knee would have been so much worse. Your knee will never be the same again. Of course, if you have bad luck, a break will also leave your foot forever handicaped, but if he instead popped all ligaments and the knee....

Kirkor Papasian site profile image  

7/12/10 5:59 PM by Kirkor Papasian

 aoki is the best win or lose

Freeman site profile image  

7/12/10 5:53 PM by Freeman

 "The people who mocked me in my fight versus Melendez, I wanted to kill them all. " LMAO! I love Aoki now!